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The Benefits of a Warmer World

Climate Change Weekly #150 Climate alarmists assume global warming will restart in the coming years. Based on that assumption and model projections, they warn of a coming catastrophe for humans and the planet. But global warming, whether natural or human-caused, is more likely to result in benefits than harms. Climate alarmists ignore the possible benefits from a warmer world because to do otherwise would undermine their efforts to control humankind’s use of fossil fuel energy. In late November...

Harmful Consequences of EU Climate Policy

Climate Change Weekly #149 The European Union’s (EU) unilateral efforts to tackle climate change have been a disaster for the economy and the region’s people. In 2002, the EU approved the Kyoto Protocol and committed to cutting its collective greenhouse gas emissions to 8 percent below 1990 levels by 2008–12. As a result of the restrictive and prescriptive energy policies imposed to meet the target, today the economies of most EU member states are stagnating or in decline. The Organization for...

Hundreds of Records Fall During Cold Spell

Climate Change Weekly #148 Climate tweet of the week from economist Richard Tol: “The US-China climate deal is a model for world diplomacy: too small to fail” Mid-November 2014 has been a time of record-setting temperatures and snowfall. Hardly anyone in the United States can avoid it, and even if your locale hasn’t experienced record cold itself, somewhere in your region has. This is not how global warming is supposed to work. The United States has experienced an...

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