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Urban Heat Islands Hot and Getting Hotter

Climate Change Weekly #136 A new report by Climate Central, an online climate science and news organization, analyzing data from the 60 biggest cities in the United States found the urban heat island effect is big and getting bigger. Most cities have seen dramatic growth over the past century. Eighty percent of Americans now live in cities. Unfortunately, this growth has exacerbated the urban heat island effect. Concrete and asphalt surfaces in city buildings, roads, and infrastructure hold...

Poll Shows People Just Don’t Care about Global Warming

Climate Change Weekly #135 Americans don’t really care whether public officials attempt to address global warming, according to a new poll conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In a survey of more than 1,000 Americans, only 21 percent say they follow the issue closely. A much greater number – 36 percent – say they pay little or no attention at all. The rest merely follow the issue “somewhat closely.” Regardless of how closely respondents follow...

Global Warming Pause Extends Underwhelming Warming

Climate Change Weekly #134 With global warming essentially paused for the past 17 years, much has been written and argued, from all sides in the global warming debate, about the meaning of the ongoing pause. Is a 17-year pause significant? Is a pause even occurring? Does the pause signal a longer-term halt to global warming or even a long-term cooling trend? Would a resumption of global warming to pre-pause rates end the global warming debate? A look at recent temperatures and their appropriate...

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