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Three Reasons COP-21 Will Fail

Climate Change Weekly #192 The goal of COP-21 – the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 21st Conference of the Parties – in Paris at the end of November is to produce an international agreement to ensure greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by an amount necessary to prevent a 2 degrees Celsius rise in global average temperature this century. With that as a goal, the conference is doomed to failure. Three reasons why: Six of the top 10 greenhouse-gas-emitting...

Exxon under Attack for Exercising Prudence

Climate Change Weekly #191 At the behest of radical environmentalists, Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform committee are pushing the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department to investigate ExxonMobil for its views on climate change. Exxon’s crime? During the 20 years the company has employed scientists to analyze the science and potential risks of climate change, some of those scientists concluded humans were causing potentially dangerous warming while...

Klein’s Climate-driven Anti-Capitalism Is Light on Facts, Disaster on Policy

Climate Change Weekly #480 Observers of the climate change debate are increasingly souring on Naomi Klein’s green-cloaked dated Marxist indictment of capitalism. Most recently, Jonathan Chait, a writer for New York Magazine, dissects Klein’s polemical, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, and finds its arguments woefully inadequate and contradictory. According to Chait, Klein runs afoul of the “purist fallacy”: the argument that one’s vision for the world is failing only...

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