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Warmist Group Admits Obama’s CO2 Restrictions Are Pointless

Climate Change Weekly #130 The Obama administration’s proposed carbon dioxide restrictions will have little impact on global climate, a prominent global warming activist group has acknowledged. Highlighting China’s growing use of coal power plants and the gap in power plant environmental safeguards between the United States and China, Climate Central senior scientist Eric Larson predicted, “all the windmills in the world won’t deliver our children a climate they can depend on” without a...

Obama Announces Economically Devastating CO2 Restrictions

Climate Change Weekly #129 The Obama administration announced proposed power plant restrictions requiring a 30 percent cut in carbon dioxide emissions from 2005 levels. The regulations allow states some latitude in formulating plans to meet their mandated emissions cuts, but states will almost certainly shut down most or all of their coal power plants to meet the mandates. Coal is the least expensive widely available source of electricity, but it also emits the most carbon dioxide. The U.S....

Fire Statistics Debunk Asserted Link to Global Warming

Climate Change Weekly #128 California Gov. Jerry Brown blamed global warming for recent wildfires in California, but objective data show a decline in wildfires as our planet modestly warms. 2013 was one of the quietest wildfire years in U.S. history, according to data from the federal government’s National Interagency Fire Center. The 47,000 wildfires last year may seem like a very large number – and it certainly gives global warming alarmists like Brown plenty of fodder for misleading claims...

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