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Dr. Robert M. Carter, R.I.P.

Climate Change Weekly #200 Editor’s Note: This is the 200th edition of Climate Change Weekly. Normally such a milestone would merit celebration, but the recent passing of renowned climate scientist Robert M. Carter, Ph.D. dampens our enthusiasm for self-congratulation. This edition of Climate Change Weekly is dedicated in its entirety to the life and work of Dr. Carter. Our prayers are with his family at this awful time. We will miss him. In Memoriam By Joseph L. Bast It is with deep regret...

Record Food Stockpiles Confound Climate Alarmist Predictions

Climate Change Weekly #199 Good news on the food front: Global food prices declined dramatically in 2015 as bumper crops continued to defy some scientists’ claims human-caused climate change would cause widespread crop failures. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports international food prices dipped by 19 percent in the past year, the fourth consecutive annual decline. FAO cites abundant supplies and an appreciating U.S. dollar as the main reasons for the general...

Experts Can’t Confirm Current Ocean Acidification Damage

Climate Change Weekly #198 With the pause in global temperature rise continuing well into its 18th year, polar bear populations and Arctic and Antarctic ice levels on the increase, and hurricane land strikes at historic lows, the list of horribles climate alarmists can trot out to scare the public is dwindling. Thus it didn’t surprise me at all to see one of the leading mainstream media voices of climate hysteria, The New York Times, run a nearly 1,300-word commentary misleadingly titled, “Our...

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