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The 97 Percent Climate Change Consensus That Wasn’t

Climate Change Weekly #166 Despite its ongoing popularity and the fact it is frequently cited in professional journals and the popular media as proof we must act now to prevent a dangerous human-caused climate catastrophe, John Cook’s 2013 paper claiming 97 percent of research on the topic agrees humans are contributing to climate change is paradigmatic example of how not to do research. How it got published is a wonder; unless of course one believes at least some major science journals have...

NEPA Guidance for CO2 Emissions Is Bad Policy Based on Bad Science

Climate Change Weekly #165 Marlo Lewis, senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, drafted a powerful rebuke of the Council on Environmental Quality’s recent draft guidance to require a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review of potential climate change effects caused by increased levels of greenhouse gas emissions from federal projects and projects requiring federal permits. Representatives from 14 research and policy organizations, including The Heartland Institute, and...

Royal Society Climate Science Report Royally in Error

Climate Change Weekly #164 The Royal Society – the first and arguably still one of the most prestigious scientific organizations in the world – just got egg on its face with its release of “A Short Guide to Climate Science.” The report purports to answer 20 critical questions about the cause and consequences of climate change. Criticism of the report has come from inside and outside of the Royal Society. Five years before this most recent report, 43 fellows of the Royal Society wrote to its...

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