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Obamacare’s an 8 out of 10, Except for States and People

Consumer Power Report #458 Asked to grade the performance of his signature law recently, President Barack Obama gave Obamacare an 8 out of 10. “The reason I don’t put it at a 10 is because you can always improve something,” Obama told ABC News in an interview published Wednesday. The White House has been more bullish lately about public acceptance of the largest overhaul to the healthcare system in decades, even as the American public remains divided about the Affordable Care Act. Polls...

Ted Cruz Isn’t Like Most Obamacare Enrollees

Consumer Power Report #457 Supporters of Obamacare have been making noise of late about the fact leading Obamacare opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is going to have to sign up for health coverage under the law. But in obsessing about this issue, these supporters are doing themselves no favors, because Cruz’s situation highlights the wide gap in experience between those whose coverage is subsidized under the law and those who don’t have access to that funding. Chris Jacobs highlights two recent...

Battling Over the Doc Fix

Consumer Power Report #456 Congress is currently trying to find a path forward on the notorious “doc fix,” whose scheduled expiration on March 31 would result in a 20 percent pay cut for doctors receiving reimbursement from Medicare. Time is short, and while the House is expected to vote Thursday on the issue (more on that in a minute), that would leave little time for the Senate to take up and pass anything (let alone read it). Well, sort of: The calendar looks pretty tight right now. The...

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