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The Future of Health Policy After Obamacare

Consumer Power Report #414 As we all know, when President Barack Obama sold his health care law to the American people, he sold it to them primarily on the basis of cost. He did this because the polling was so unanimous: People weren’t demanding massive increased regulation of the insurance marketplace to achieve any particular moral goal about coverage levels or anything of the sort – the vast majority of Americans just cared that their health insurance premiums were too high. So Obama made...

Obamacare’s Magic Number Doesn’t Exist

Consumer Power Report #413 Welcome to the Consumer Power Report. Have you heard? Obamacare survived! It got to that magic number it was looking for to make everything right! Or it got to half the number the Congressional Budget Office predicted it would get to after the Supreme Court ruling. Either way, it’s totally okay now and is absolutely going to survive and be the law of the land forever and ever despite anything those opponents of the law tell you. This is a perfectly logical position to...

High Court Considers Obamacare’s Contraception Mandate

Consumer Power Report #412 Earlier this week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the most significant lawsuit to be brought against Obamacare since the challenges to the individual mandate and the Medicaid expansion: the challenge brought by craft store Hobby Lobby against the contraception mandate, which once again pit attorney Paul Clement against Solicitor General Donald Verrilli. A recap of the oral arguments is here, and the complete transcript is here. On its face, this is an...

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