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Three Outcomes From King v. Burwell

Consumer Power Report #465 President Barack Obama’s view of the King v. Burwell outcome is clear: Obamacare is ‘here to stay.’ I wrote last week on why he’s wrong. This SCOTUScare ruling presents an accurate reflection of the reality in Washington: that American politics no longer has real checks and balances. The rules no longer apply. Words mean whatever we say they mean at the time that we say them, neither more nor less … In the context of a nation governed by men and not laws, arguments...

Why Insurers Are Hiking Rates

Consumer Power Report #464 Why are insurance rate increases so much higher than expected? At Forbes, Bob Laszewski explains: Instead of moderate rate increases for one more year, the big rate increases have begun. They are particularly large among the health insurers with the most enrollment--the carriers with the most data. Texas Blue Cross stands out. The health plan commented in its federal government rate filings that it covered 730,833 Obamacare individuals in 2014 with premium of $2.1...

Right to Try Passes California Senate

The California Senate unanimously passed The Right to Try Act, which effectively nullifies certain Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules preventing terminally ill patients from accessing experimental treatments. State Sens. Jeff Stone (R-Palm Desert) and Joel Anderson (R-Alpine) introduced Senate Bill 149 in January. The bill gives terminally ill patients access to medicines that have not been given final approval for use by FDA. California’s Right to Try (RTT) bill follows the lead of 18...

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