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The Premium Spikes Begin

Consumer Power Report #425 The shoe is beginning to drop for consumers who purchased insurance under Obamacare: The premium hikes the president said would be mitigated by the law show no signs of abating. The choices consumers face this fall: Stick with their existing coverage and pay more, or go somewhere else for less. Hundreds of thousands of consumers nationwide who bought insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act will face a choice this fall: swallow higher premiums to stay in their...

Is U.S. Health Care Terrible?

Consumer Power Report #424 Is the U.S. health care system terrible compared to the rest of the world? That’s the claim of a new study from the Commonwealth Fund, but it’s a flawed examination: A new report from liberal think tank the Commonwealth Fund released on Monday ranks the United States health care system as the worst among 11 developed countries, but the report is deeply flawed. The first giveaway that something is amiss should be the fact that the United Kingdom ranks as the top health...

We Have No Idea How Much Obamacare Costs

Consumer Power Report #423 Remember back when Obamacare was supposed to be reducing the deficit? Those were the days: For Democratic lawmakers who were hesitant to sign onto the sweeping 2010 health care law, one of the most powerful selling points was that the Affordable Care Act would actually reduce the federal budget deficit, despite the additional costs of extending health insurance coverage to the uninsured. Four years after enactment of what is widely viewed as President Barack Obama’s...

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