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An Appeals Court Ruling Means Obamacare Will Head Back to SCOTUS

Consumer Power Report #429 Welcome to the Consumer Power Report. Today a federal appeals court in Washington DC found words mean what they mean, and not what the Obama Administration interprets them to mean – a revolutionary concept in this era of unfettered government. The court found “a federal exchange is not an ‘Exchange established by the State’” under the law, and the nine separate times eligibility is described under the law in these terms do not indicate a mere typo or drafting error,...

Obamacare’s Pricetag Continues to Grow

Consumer Power Report #428 One of the underrated facts about American health care is that in advance of the passage of Obamacare, the majority of Americans wanted a reform that tackled one thing above all others: price. That’s why President Barack Obama chose to sell his legislation not on the real aim of achieving dramatic coverage increases, but on the promise of bringing down premiums by $2,500 for the average family. Of course, the opposite has happened: We’ve continued to see premiums go...

Poll: Workers Fear the Exchanges

Consumer Power Report #427 A new poll conducted by the Morning Consult finds workers are very, very worried about being pushed into Obamacare’s exchanges. In fact, a strong majority of workers are worried that their employers will stop offering health insurance altogether and move them into the Obamacare exchanges. Workers with employer-sponsored health plans largely have a negative view of what such a move would mean for their coverage, and would even consider looking for a new job under that...

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