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How Would States Respond to Unsubsidized Obamacare?

Consumer Power Report #452 With the King v. Burwell case approaching at the Supreme Court, the question on the minds of Washington, DC observers is this: Which justice will save Obamacare this time, John Roberts or Anthony Kennedy? Most important, it’s not a constitutional question. It’s about interpreting the text of the statute – an area of law that increasingly belongs to conservatives, including Roberts. “Where Roberts tends to trim his sails is where a ruling would really tie Congress’s...

The Insane Vaccine Debate

Consumer Power Report #451 The issue of mandatory vaccination is once again an item of debate in media circles given the recent outbreaks of measles and fueled this week by the continued inability of politicians to discuss vaccination policy without sounding like anti-science fools. It’s surprising that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was so bold in the use of state plenary power when it came to Ebola, would be the first to put his foot in his mouth on this topic. I understand what he was...

OIG Report Finds CMS Unprepared for Exchange Launch

Consumer Power Report #450 President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday barely made mention of his signature domestic policy achievement. But that doesn’t mean everyone else is keeping quiet about it. The Wall Street Journal reports: The federal government skipped key contracting requirements when awarding hundreds of millions of dollars to build the troubled site, according to an inspector general’s report. The investigation published Tuesday by the Office of...

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