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Unalienable ‘Right to Try’ Deserves Protection by Feds and All 50 States

Consumer Power Report #510 Every person, regardless of race, creed, or country, is born into the world with certain natural rights, including the right to live, the Second Continental Congress declared 240 years ago this July 4. From that right to life, surely one can infer a right to try to extend one’s own life and improve its quality. For this reason, all 13 states that declared independence from Great Britain in 1776, and simultaneously declared unalienable each person’s rights to life and...

How Obamacare’s Mandates Hurt the Patients They’re Supposed to Help

Consumer Power Report #509 Despite the sticker shock many Americans are experiencing after thinking the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would lead to affordable health insurance, most of the law’s unintended consequences were predictable and therefore avoidable. Sky-high premiums, cost-prohibitive deductibles, and the exodus of giant insurance companies from the Obamacare exchanges after losing hundreds of millions of dollars in the individual marketplace have become easy – and legitimate – targets...

Give Vision Patients Protection, not ‘Eye of Newt’

Consumer Power Report #508 Federal and state lawmakers have provided Americans a surplus of legislation cleverly titled to convey promises to protect patients’ interests. This boom has a bust. The reality that results from implementing such legislation is far more sobering, expensive, and restricting of patient choice than lawmakers and their constituents may have at first believed. Crafters of vision care legislation before Congress and adopted by some states excel at naming their regulations...

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