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The Need for CBO Reform

Consumer Power Report #449 During the past week, the House voted to direct the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to use “dynamic scoring” of legislation. I’ll wait while you yawn, but this is actually an important development. CBO has used dynamic scoring in the past on multiple pieces of legislation – it’s an attempt to score not just the obvious impact of a piece of legislation but also what will happen to the economy because of the changes that are made. This is a logical thing to do, from...

Jonathan Gruber’s Day On The Stand

Consumer Power Report #448[Subscribe] Earlier this week, Jonathan Gruber testified before the House Oversight and Government Committee concerning his many statements, which have sparked political fury from the left and right, concerning the dishonest way Obamacare was constructed. He offered what I deem to be a very insincere apology for his remarks: Jonathan Gruber, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist whose comments about the health law ignited a political furor, Tuesday...

The Coming Battle Over Obamacare Replacement

Consumer Power Report #447[Subscribe] Now that Republicans have taken both houses of Congress, it is likely they will in the spring pass an Obamacare replacement that will land on President Barack Obama’s desk to be vetoed. That will mark a point at which Republicans must choose to embrace one or more plans for Obamacare replacement. Several have been put forward in the past, but none that actually would end up at the White House. Congressional Republicans agree about the majority of what they...

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