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New Obamacare Court Challenges Emerge

Consumer Power Report #482 Hold on to your wallets America: It’s Obamacare’s open-enrollment season, and health insurance costs continue to go up across the board for consumers in nearly every part of the nation. According to a report by CNBC, cost increases are expected to be particularly painful for those bargain shoppers looking to pay as little as possible on premiums by purchasing a bronze plan – the cheapest health plans offered in the health insurance exchange. A study by HealthPocket....

Budget Deal Ends Obamacare Enrollment Mandate

Consumer Power Report #481 Just in time for Halloween, Congress and President Barack Obama reached a budget agreement that some experts, including the Urban Institute’s Richard Johnson, are calling “an unexpected bit of sanity coming out of Washington,” according to a report by CNBC. I’m not sure how “sane” it is to continue kicking the we’re-just-going-to-let-someone-else-deal-with-the-looming-debt-crisis can down the road, but one of the budget deal’s negotiated provisions dealing with...

Thousands Forced to Enter Obamacare Exchange

Consumer Power Report #480 It’s the most not-so-wonderful time of the year: The open-enrollment period for the national Obamacare exchange began on November 1, and millions of Americans were greeted with the good tidings of increased health insurance premiums and higher deductibles. According to a new study by, average premiums for middle-tier Obamacare exchange “silver plans” are increasing by roughly 10 percent in 2016, and the average deductible is set to increase by 6...

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