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John Kasich Tries to Have It Both Ways on Obamacare

Consumer Power Report #441 When it comes to making the case for Obamacare’s persistence, few Republicans have been as insistent as Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who is in a bit of hot water after talking it up recently to the Associated Press: Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he doesn’t think there will be a repeal in Washington, even if Republicans win a Senate majority and consolidate their hold on the House in next month’s election. “That’s not gonna happen,” the Republican governor told The Associated...

Obamacare’s Broken Promises

Consumer Power Report #440 With the upcoming second round of enrollment for Obamacare, let’s check on a few of the promises that sold the health care law to the American people. That if you liked your plan, you could keep it: People who already bought health insurance through Obamacare will likely face another round of confusing technical issues as they try to reenroll for a second year. The health care law’s second open-enrollment period begins Nov. 15. And by almost all accounts, HealthCare....

Health Care’s Inequality Problem

Consumer Power Report #439 One of the underestimated aspects of Obamacare’s impact on the economy is the effect it’s had in driving inequality. Health care costs in particular have contributed to rising economic inequality in recent years, as Mark Warshawsky of the Mercatus Center and Andrew Biggs of the American Enterprise Institute detail in this piece at The Wall Street Journal: “[T]he more we spend on health care the more unequal Americans’ incomes become.” Most employers pay workers a...

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