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Has Obamacare Poisoned the Well for All Health Policy Reforms?

Consumer Power Report #435 The widely accepted view among policymakers in Washington, DC is that even if President Barack Obama’s health care law is currently more unpopular than ever, by the time 2016 rolls around, it will be an immovable object, impossible to wholly repeal. I have previously argued this is an incomplete picture of the politics of the issue, one that underestimates the Republican base’s dedication to repeal and the necessity of Republican candidates to respond to that desire....

Can Post-Obamacare Reform Be Exchange-Based?

Consumer Power Report #434 Is it possible to co-opt Obamacare’s endorsement of exchanges to achieve free market reforms? Philip Klein is skeptical of Avik Roy’s approach: Assessing Roy’s plan from a free market perspective requires first deciding what it should be compared against. The plan concedes a lot of ground to the left when it comes to emphasizing universal health insurance and maintaining key regulations, and it would spend more on subsidizing health insurance in the individual market...

Obamacare and the Aims of Progressivism

Consumer Power Report #433 Greg Scandlen notes the provision of health care, historically, has been an arena populated in America by a host of civil society institutions. These institutions were purposefully displaced by government over the course of the past century: These associations were formed by working class men and women from all ethnic groups. In some cases they owned and operated their own hospitals. They also provided schools and orphanages for the children of deceased members,...

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