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The Coming Battle Over Obamacare Replacement

Consumer Power Report #447[Subscribe] Now that Republicans have taken both houses of Congress, it is likely they will in the spring pass an Obamacare replacement that will land on President Barack Obama’s desk to be vetoed. That will mark a point at which Republicans must choose to embrace one or more plans for Obamacare replacement. Several have been put forward in the past, but none that actually would end up at the White House. Congressional Republicans agree about the majority of what they...

Jonathan Gruber and the Truth About Obamacare

Consumer Power Report #446[Subscribe] Jonathan Gruber has been called to testify on Capitol Hill before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in December, a hearing that will almost certainly turn into an airing of grievances over Obamacare and his statements about voter stupidity. As John Davidson of the Texas Public Policy Foundation notes, Gruber’s lies have been very revealing when it comes to illustrating the original intentions of those who wrote and passed Obamacare: In a...

The Gruber Truther Problem

Consumer Power Report #445[Subscribe] What a week this has been for Jonathan Gruber as a deluge of videos has illustrated his many public comments on the deceptions of Obamacare. Here’s an excellent supercut of the various comments from political supporters of Obamacare denying Gruber’s existence and relevance to the creation of Obamacare. Even as a handful of officials admit Gruber’s critical role in Obamacare’s framework and more, some on the left are still trying to deny his various manic...

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