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Bribing the People with Their Own Money

Consumer Power Report #460 On Tuesday Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced he is suing the Obama administration, claiming its unwillingness to extend $1 billion in federal funding for a program designed to help low-income Floridians is an attempt to coerce the state into expanding Medicaid. The state argued that federal healthcare officials cut the funding as a way to coerce Florida into dropping its refusal to expand Obamacare for the working poor in Florida. Florida’s Republican leaders and the...

An Unpaid Doc Fix

Consumer Power Report #459 In a bipartisan vote this week, the Senate undid the longtime Sustainable Growth Rate can-kick for a more permanent fix – but one that is not paid for by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the Senate rejected an opportunity to require the increased payments to physicians be paid for: Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee had introduced a potential amendment to the bill that would have subjected the bill to spending rules known as pay-as-you-go, which would have required...

Obamacare’s an 8 out of 10, Except for States and People

Consumer Power Report #458 Asked to grade the performance of his signature law recently, President Barack Obama gave Obamacare an 8 out of 10. “The reason I don’t put it at a 10 is because you can always improve something,” Obama told ABC News in an interview published Wednesday. The White House has been more bullish lately about public acceptance of the largest overhaul to the healthcare system in decades, even as the American public remains divided about the Affordable Care Act. Polls...

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