Greenpeace to Kids: Christmas is Canceled

Greenpeace to Kids: Christmas is Canceled
December 5, 2013

Jim Lakely

Jim Lakely is the main contact for media queries at The Heartland Institute. Reach him via email at... (read full bio)

Radical left-wing organizations have long-enjoyed stenographic coverage in the mainstream media. So it certainly came as a shock to Greenpeace to see CNN rip into the organization for employing a decrepit Santa to advance lies that scare kids and adults alike about the climate.

CNN’s Jeanne Moos has for many years specialized in quirky human interest stories at the venerable cable channel. This week she ripped Greenpeace for its latest video featuring a disheveled and depressing Santa that makes Billy Bob Thorton’s iconic “Bad Santa” look as warm as the one from “Miracle on 34th Street.”

You see, says Greenpeace’s Apocalyptic Santa, if the ice doesn’t stop melting at the North Pole, “there may be no alternative but to cancel Christmas.” Worry not, kids. Arctic ice has actually increased this year by 533,000 square miles (and total polar ice is at highest point in about a decade), which Moos notes in her report.

That's a good thing. Yet here's proof the MSM still can't just report the facts about the climate: Moos couldn't bring herself to simply declare the truth of increasing polar ice, which is proven by scientific observation. She had to couch it with the qualifier of “critics say” polar ice has increased.

But why quibble? Moos was nice enough to cite our friends at the International Climate Science Coalition who told CNN: “Santa should be celebrating the return of the ice!” Moos also cast the alarmists at Greenpeace and elsewhere as folks who “believe in global warming.” Exactly right. Their adherence to human-caused climate calamity is akin to religious belief, unaffected by the reality of scientific proof. It was a nice touch by Moos that I’m amazed got past CNN’s editors.

Moos also cited a commenter at the YouTube post of the Greenpeace video who wrote:

Hope that you are proud of yourselves green piece (sic) for scaring innocent children with your bully boy tactics as usual.

That's right. CNN cited a critic of Greenpeace in its story. That represents amazing progress for truth (if not grammar) in MSM coverage of the climate. Here's another taste of Moos’ CNN-approved mockery of Greenpeace and what she said was a “sorry excuse for a Santa”:

It looks like a hostage video, but instead of Al Qaida, it’s Santa.

Let it be said forever more: CNN compared Santa to terrorists! (Sorry. I channeled the mindset of the left for a second. Now I'm back to normal.) Moos closes by asking: “Who would you trust to save the icecaps?” She makes it clear that it is not Greenpeace. Perhaps the public and the MSM would do better to trust an organization (ahem!) that recently published a 1,000-page report containing the latest climate research, and has hosted eight international conferences on climate change with some of the most-esteemed climate scientists in the world.

This much is true: CNN is not trusting Greenpeace and its Doomsday-Cult Santa

Watch Moos' CNN spot below, and the whole Greenpeace video below that. If watching these videos do not make you merry, Heat Miser might be your Christmas hero.



Jim Lakely

Jim Lakely is the main contact for media queries at The Heartland Institute. Reach him via email at... (read full bio)