Editorials: Benjamin Domenech

Kathleen Sebelius’s Resignation Hands Republicans A Golden Opportunity

Kathleen Sebelius is resigning, and Rachel Maddow is right to not be happy about it, not one little bit.

This Is How the Tea Party Ends: In Victory

How do political movements end? And how do we assess the impact they had on the political sphere?

Want A Government Official To Change His Mind? Hire Him!

As President Obama’s Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar was charged with being one of the biggest defenders of the Obama agenda on energy and environmental issues – among them, running interference on

Congratulations, Progressive Millennials: You’re The Cheapest Date In Town

In the two decades since the Washington Post described evangelical Christians as “largely poor, uneducated, and easy to command,” we’ve seen sea changes take place within bo

The Republican Alternative to Obamacare

The latest post-Obamacare reform proposal, put forward this weej by Senators Tom Coburn, Richard Burr, and Orrin Hatch, is likely to become the Obamacare alter

Compassionate Conservatives Are Confusing A Slogan With An Agenda

In the year since President Barack Obama’s re-election, a handful of advocates for compassionate conservatism have re-emerged to push back against limited government conservatives with the sam

The World in Crisis

We close 2013 in a world that seems to be swiftly tilting toward ever-larger crises of government legitimacy, oncoming clashes of foreign powers, and an abiding sense of concern on the part of

Paul Krugman Doesn’t Get The True Depth Of Conservative Villainy

Paul Krugman has found out the hidden truth of his political opponents once again: Republican opposition to Obamacare is motivated by how much they hate the poor

The Right Response To Obama’s Inequality Concern Trolling

Politically, the president’s inequality concern trolling push is just the latest MacGuffin: the distraction of an issue that does not poll as a high priority, but is designed as