Editorials: S.T. Karnick

Solution to Government Overreach Is in the Constitution

By: Kyle Maichle and S.T. Karnick

Study: Netflix More Valuable Than Cable, Broadcast Among Millennials

In an observation that should surprise no one except a few cave-dwellers, a new study from NATPE/Content First and the Consumer Electronics Association has found that millennials fin

HBO Streaming Is Good News for All Entertainment Consumers

Acting on plans reported here a month ago, entertai

The Origin of Specious Thinking: Public Schools

Writing in Canon and Culture, Prof.

Giving Thanks for the Right to Retail

Retail stores are opening even earlier than usual for their annual Black Friday sales this year, in an intensifying competition for scarce consumer dollars.

The Real Lesson of Detroit: Change or Die

One thing that has become evident about Detroit’s recent bankruptcy filing is  that the city’s problems, though dire, are by no means unique and are in fact  just a more extreme case of t

Why Margaret Thatcher Matters

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died today at the age of 87, and we here in the United States should take good note of her accomplishments.

Portrait of a Capitalist: PBS Show ‘Mr. Selfridge’

Premiering this week on Masterpiece Classic on PBS, Mr.