Editorials: Jim Lakely

BBC ‘Digging Its Own Grave’ By Banning Global Warming Skeptics

The other day, a nonprofit called The Institute of Art and Ideas interviewed Benny Peiser

Informing a Slate Reporter About Heartland's Climate Skeptic Conference

Slate reporter Will Oremus reached out to me on Tuesday afternoon seeking comment about 

Government Policy: Save the Planet from the Plague of Hungry Humans

Our friends at the Independent Women’s Forum sent a letter the other day to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack expressing concern about th

Heartland Debunks Obama’s Climate Report on Mark Levin

On Tuesday, when Barack Obama released his 

Leftist Guardian to Any Global Warming Skeptic: Shut Up

The Australian edition ofThe Guardian — probably the most hard-left of the lefty daily newspapers in the English-speaking world — 

Huffington Post Means Well, but Insults Naomi Klein, Gives Heartland Too Much Credit

In this Huffington Post piece, Bill Shireman of Future 500 means well —

A Brutal Chicago Winter, Global Warming, and Just Weather

I moved to Chicago in 2010 after five years of living in perfect Pasadena, California — where I looked at the sun setting on the beautiful San Gabriel Mountians every day during

Italian Climate Nut to Live on Iceberg to ‘Prove’ Global Warming

It looks like we're going to get two stunts back to back that turn into disasters for the science-denying extremists who insist man is causing run-away, catastrophic global warmi