Editorials: John Nothdurft

State Should Switch to 401(k) Style Plans

South Carolina lawmakers have undertaken reforms to address some of the serious issues with their state’s pension system, but major changes are still needed to prevent future budget problems.

More Welfare Reform is Needed in Mississippi

Co-authored by Logan Pike and John Nothdurft

Pence 2.0: New, But Not Exactly Improved

Many commentators on the right have Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on their 2016 presidential nominee shortlist. After all, they say, Pence has earned it.

Internet Taxes

The Tribune's April 8 editorial "Online vs. on the corner; Time to put dot-coms on par with your local store" is off base on Internet taxes.

Environmental Council misleads on jobs

What's the difference between creating 5,000 jobs or 75,000 jobs? According to the Michigan Environmental Council there is none. Or maybe the organization is just prone to exaggeration.

Short-term Fixes Won’t End Cook County Woes

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle has governed in a more fiscally responsible manner than her predecessor, Todd Stroger.