Editorials: Steve Stanek

“Impact Fees” to Hold Down Property Taxes Actually Drive Them Up

The first installment of this year’s property tax bill on my house came due in June, and all around the country, the first installment of the annual property tax bill recently has come due or soon

President, Business Groups Defend Money-Losing Export-Import Bank

Rarely do some of the nation’s most powerful politicians and businesspeople laud banks that report big profits when in fact they have lost billions of dollars.

Don't Replace Fannie and Freddie; End Them. Period

For every 100 mortgages being sold in the United States these days, at least 95 of them have government backing. We’re told America has a free-market economy?

Judge Blocks Illinois’ Pension Reforms; Will Governor Block Chicago’s Reforms

A judge in Sangamon County Circuit Court has blocked a modest reform of Illinois’ pension system for state workers and retirees outside Chicago from taking effect June 1, giving Gov.

Checkout Lanes with No Checkers: Another Result of Minimum Wage

So my wife and I are out running errands, and we stop at a big grocery store.

Break the Auto Dealers’ Sales Monopoly ... for All Automakers

For many decades in most states, the auto dealers lobby has persuaded legislators to make it illegal for automakers to sell their products directly to buyers.

Attorneys General Pressuring Stores to Stop Selling Tobacco Have Learned Nothing

Are ducks smarter than government lawyers? We should wonder.  

Cop Candor, Part II: 'Too Often, In Too Many Courtrooms . . .'

On Thursday, The Heartlander published my piece headlined, “Cop Candor: ‘At

Cop Candor: 'At Least We Didn't Rape Her'

Rarely do I sing the praises of cops but today I do. Let us all applaud Austin, Texas, Police Chief Art Acevedo for telling Americans what police work in this nation has become.

Capital Gains, Corporate Income Taxes Hurt Employment and Economy

Two recent reports deserve attention from anyone who has a job, wants a job, or gives people jobs.