Editorials: James M. Taylor

PUC Out of Line in NV Energy's Dispute with Casinos

Nevada's public utilities watchdog appears to be refereeing the impasse between Warren Buffett-owned NV Energy and several Nevada casinos with the expertise and objectivity of a professional wrestl

2015 Was Not Even Close To Hottest Year On Record

Forget what global warming activists would lead you to believe – 2015 was not even close to the hottest year on record.

NRDC Embarrasses Itself at UN Climate Conference Media Event


Al Gore Calls for Outlawing Alaska Oil Pipeline

PARIS – Global warming activist and former U.S.

UN Climate Talks May Force U.S. Government to Defer to International Labor Unions

PARIS — International labor unions may be granted unprecedented authority to set and legally enforce domestic labor policy in the United States, activists participating in United Nations climate ta

United Nations Draft Climate Agreement Illustrates Futility of COP21 Conference

PARIS – Halfway through the United Nations COP21 climate conference in Paris, the UN on Friday released a “draft agreement” that illustrates the futility and irrelevance of the UN conference.

At COP-21: Indian Lead Climate Negotiator Backs Nuclear Power to Reduce Emissions

PARIS — Nuclear power should play a greater role in producing energy from low-carbon sources, India’s lead negotiator said Friday at the United Nations COP21 climate con

Weary and Outraged Parisians Greet the United Nations Climate Conference

PARIS — Arriving in Paris Wednesday evening, the City of Light was clearly wounded and shell-shocked.

Legislative Solution would Benefit NV Energy, Casinos, Electricity Consumers

Nevada's casinos and the state's largest electricity supplier are locked in an escalating conflict, but the Nevada Legislature can turn the impasse into a victory for both parties if it will merely

No, Bernie Sanders, Exxon Did Not Lie About Global Warming

Bernie Sanders is trying tried to divert attention from his bumbling performance in the recent Democratic Party presidential debate by making false and incendiary accusations that Exxon lied about