Editorials: Bruce Edward Walker

Franken, FCC Policies Are About Control, Not Competition

It’s been a busy month for Washington handwringers seeking to exert ever-more government authority over the Internet and telecom industries lest the rest of us forget who actually controls the pipe

Arizona House Retreats from Internet Censorship

With so much nonsense emanating from the halls of Congress, the White House, and the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, DC, it’s all too easy to overlook some of the shenanigans afoot

Obama derails merger, distorts telecom market

Proponents of market freedom are often derided for repeating the mantra that government should never be allowed to select winners and losers in the business arena.

Is Obama this century's Hayes?

There are many ways to describe those who fear encroaching technology: Luddites, technophobes, and, incorrectly, President Rutherford B. Hayes.

Update Journalism Shield Laws for Digital Age

Enacted by 40 states in the wake of the Watergate scandal, media shield laws help strengthen freedom of the press by protecting journalists and their confidential sources from government harassment

Occupy Free Speech?

I want to be perfectly clear: I don't believe all Occupy Wall Street protestors foam at the mouth, possess bad hygienic habits, or are uneducated and lazy. But some say stupid, ugly things.

Obesity Police vs. Tony the Tiger

Remember Hoodrat? He was the seven-year old who stole his grandmother's car for a joyride back in 2008.

Death of an Entrepreneur

Seldom is the passing of a corporate leader the stuff of front-page headlines and numerous commentaries. Steve Jobs, however, wasn't just any corporate leader.

Reject Longmont Public Wi-Fi Measure

“When will they ever learn?” is a plaintive war protest-song refrain from back in the day, but perhaps it requires a contemporary update in light of Longmont’s ballot initiative to resurrect a muni

Nix the Amazon Tax

Declaring it "unfair" that out-of-state online retailers don't collect sales tax from every customer in each state where they conduct business, a bipartisan coalition of Michigan Representatives wa