Editorials: Joy Pullmann

Bobby Jindal Pwns Other Governors On Common Core

In August, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sued the federal government over Common Core.

Florida Families Flock to Freedom

During the legislative battle this spring over expanding Florida’s K–12 private scholarships, pundits and establishment types kept pretending school choice is not good for families.

California’s Common Core Spending Never Ends

Californians really have no idea how much they’re going to spend to suffer their kids as test subjects for the new testing and curriculum scheme called Common Core.

Oklahoma’s Opportunity to Lead States Out of Common Core

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has started to prance about the country, touting himself as the governor who ousted Common Core, a set of national curriculum and testing mandates in math and English.

Open Enrollment a Step Toward Equal Education Opportunity

It’s common for people to pretend public education is free. But it’s not. Parents buy access to certain public schools with their mortgage or rent check.

The Koch Brothers vs. Bill Gates

Politicians and the media have retrained their sights on the Koch brothers’ political influence, but a look at some numbers suggests they should investigate other billionaires—such as Bill Gat

Library Needs to Model Technology Restraint

A few months ago, during our weekly visit to Fort Wayne’s well-curated downtown library, my two toddlers repeatedly tuned out books to stare, open-mouthed, at video screens.

Republican Governors Take Up Economic Central Planning

Indiana is only the latest of dozens of states to move toward a planned economy. 

Joy Pullmann vs. Mike Petrilli on Common Core

Opening Statement – Joy Pullmann Despite its deep effects on the character of our nation, conservatives and the general population often ignore what children are learning except when t