Editorials: Joy Pullmann

Common Core Proponents Blame Their Victims

It has become fashionable to blame the effects of nationalizing education on anything but the national curriculum mandates and the tests that accomplish it.

Education Incentives can Help End Low Expectations

Behavioral psychologists and economists long have considered incentives to be a normal part of human nature, but applying them to education still stokes controversy.

Education Incentives Can Help End Low Expectations

Behavioral psychologists and economists have considered incentives to be a normal part of human nature for decades, if not centuries, but applying them to education still stokes controver

Top Ten Things Parents Hate About Common Core

This is the year new national Common Core tests kick in, replacing state tests in most locales, courtesy of an eager Obama administration and the future generation’s tax dollars.

Bobby Jindal Pwns Other Governors On Common Core

In August, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sued the federal government over Common Core.

Teacher Freedom from Unions Continues to Rise

When a friend of mine was young, his family kept their dog close to home with one of those invisible fences. It delivered a mild shock to the dog’s collar when he crossed its line.

New School Lunches Undermine Family Bonds

When people do not feed, talk to, read to, discipline, or provide shelter to their children, is it still appropriate to call these people parents?

Florida Families Flock to Freedom

During the legislative battle this spring over expanding Florida’s K–12 private scholarships, pundits and establishment types kept pretending school choice is not good for families.

California’s Common Core Spending Never Ends

Californians really have no idea how much they’re going to spend to suffer their kids as test subjects for the new testing and curriculum scheme called Common Core.

Oklahoma’s Opportunity to Lead States Out of Common Core

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has started to prance about the country, touting himself as the governor who ousted Common Core, a set of national curriculum and testing mandates in math and English.