Editorials: Wendell Cox

Land Regulation Making Us Poorer: Emerging Left-Right Consensus

There is an emerging consensus about the destructiveness of excessive land use regulation, both with respect to its impact on housing affordability but also its overall impacts on economies.

Declining Population Growth in China's Largest Municipalities: 2010-2014

After three decades of breakneck urban growth, there are indications of a significant slowdown in the largest cities of China.

White House Economist Links Land Use Regulations: Housing Affordability and Inequality

There is a growing body of research on the consequences of excessive land use regulation.

Moving From Canada's Biggest Cities

People have been moving away from Canada's largest metropolitan areas (Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver) for the last decade, according to Statistics Canada 2004/5 to 2013/4 data.

New Report: Putting People First

This is the abstract from a new report “Putting People First: An Alternative Perspective with an Evaluation of the NCE Cities ‘Trillion Dollar’ Report,” authored by Wendell Cox and published by

500 Years of : A Tale of Two Countries

Last year (2014), China overtook the United States in gross domestic product adjusted for purchasing power (GDP-PPP, see point 4 for

Poorer Nations Set for 99% of Population Growth

According to the new United Nations World Population Prospects

California: "Land of Poverty"

For decades, California's housing costs have been racing ahead of incomes, as counties and local governments have imposed restrictive land-use regulations that drove up the price of land and dwelli

Moving to the London Exurbs and Beyond

A review of the most recent internal migration (domestic migration) in England and Wales reveals some surprises. The latest data covers the one year ended June 30, 2014.

Congratulations Boston!

Congratulations Boston!