Editorials: Robert G. Holland

Will the War Against Parental Choice Ever End?

No matter how many courts have rejected their pleadings, enemies of school choice appear committed to a 100-year-long judicial war in quest of some ultimate edict that will keep American students f

Education Reform: One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All

Lately, education scholars at Washington, D.C.-based, nominally conservative think tanks have spun themselves into a tizzy about the education reform movement’s splintering into q

Ad Feedback Breaking Free from Obama’s Fantasy of a Sexless Society with Parental Choice

By having his minions in the Education and Justice Departments threaten public school districts with loss of federal funding unless they satisfy the far left’s fondest fantasies of a sexless societ

The Free-Market Alternative To Education Socialism

More than a few parents active in the fight to end Common Core’s suffocating grip on elementary and secondary education are targeting privatization as their enemy.

Hillary’s Fingerprints Are All Over Common Core

So where does Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton stand on Common Core?

In Search of the Surest Common Core Exit Route

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has said flatly he would end Common Core, though he hasn’t yet said how.

Without This Option, School Choice Would Shrivel

Would it be constitutional for a public school board to offer grants and scholarships to families wishing to choose private schooling, yet exclude those benefits for families who prefer for their c

Get Ready To Ditch The SAT And ACT

Decades from now, education historians may observe Common Core (CC) provoked a wave of activism that resulted in decentralizing U.S. education.

Feds Want States To Quell Anti-Testing Uprising

Big government tamps down all optimism associated with springtime.

Homeschooling Parents Finding Extra Help in Cooperatives

As home schooling grows rapidly, resourceful parents are forming co-ops to share their knowledge and lend each other moral support.