Editorials: Robert G. Holland

Beware Common Core Proponents Asking for Treats

It always seems appropriate that Halloween comes just days before an election.

A Tool to Make School Reform Local and Personal

As a new school year begins, polling shows support for nationalized education via Common Core is collapsing among parents and teachers alike.

Fishy Polls on Common Core

Never let it be said that Common Core (CC) entirely lacks educational value.

Choice as a Cure for Common Core

Suppose instead of making common cause with corporate titans and Washington technocrats to impose Common Core standards uniformly on education, philanthropist Bill Gates instead used his vast wealt

Replacing teacher tenure with incentives for achievement

Could one ruling by one Los Angeles Superior Court judge free public education from the stultifying grip of the teacher tenure system and lead to widespread use of incentives to reward excellent wo

Core Opposition Will Grow

[This article is a response to an editorial in The Augusta Chronicle]

Time of Testing Approaches for Obamacore

Maybe he was hard up for a good bragging point.

Is Common Core 'Rigorous,' Or More Nearly The Opposite?

So often do avid boosters such as U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and former Florida Gov.

Common Core Would Deliver a Crippling Blow to School Choice

Parents and other taxpayers have multiple reasons for mounting a full-fledged grassroots rebellion against the nationalized education program being marketed as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS