Editorials: Robert G. Holland

Fishy Polls on Common Core

Never let it be said that Common Core (CC) entirely lacks educational value.

Core Opposition Will Grow

[This article is a response to an editorial in The Augusta Chronicle]

Time of Testing Approaches for Obamacore

Maybe he was hard up for a good bragging point.

Is Common Core 'Rigorous,' Or More Nearly The Opposite?

So often do avid boosters such as U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and former Florida Gov.

Common Core Would Deliver a Crippling Blow to School Choice

Parents and other taxpayers have multiple reasons for mounting a full-fledged grassroots rebellion against the nationalized education program being marketed as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS

Don't Jump on Bandwagon

Your editorial deems it "prudent" for the Nebraska Board of Education to have awarded a $47,000 consulting fee to Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) to compare the state's cu

Common Core K-12 Hits Home

Defenders of home schooling are beginning to worry about the Common Core K-12 standards morphing into a national curriculum that will stifle the family-centered creativity that has fostered high ra

Common Core: A Rotten Apple for Education

As much as conservatives and liberals may disagree over big government's permissible role in shaping school curricula, sometimes one act of arrogance and stupidity from on high is enough to unite t

Not Washington’s Business

By briefly quoting one critic of the national Common Core education standards, which are shaping curricula and tests for schoolchildren in Pennsylvania and across the nation, the Trib at least did