Editorials: Steven Titch

FCC Targets Cable Set-Top Boxes — Why Now?

With great fanfare, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Thomas Wheeler is calling for sweeping changes to the way cable television set-top boxes work. 

Trade and Patent Reform Build Bridges in Congress

In a welcome show of bipartisanship, the U.S.

Patent Trolls Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Mythological trolls — described as old and ugly creatures living under bridges or in caves — are known for one central feature: generally troublesome and injurious to human enterprise.

Utah Residents May be Charged $20 a Month to Bail Out UTOPIA

Residents of 11 Utah cities would be billed as much as $20 a month, as part of a plan to salvage the state’s once-heralded UTOPIA fiber optic network.

Muni broadband: The gift that keeps on taking

LUS Fiber, the municipal broadband system in Lafayette, La., last month received another warning from city auditors, an advisory that appears to have become an annual thing.

Cybersecurity can be achieved without Big Government

Hardly a week goes by without the news media picking up on a report concerning the vulnerability of U.S.

Spectrum Allocation: Time to Get on With It

My new policy brief urges the Federal Communications Commission to get on with the business of allocating the necessary spectrum to mee

FCC Auction Rules Offer Easy Escape