Editorials: Dr. Brad Rodu

Smoking Cessation: Minimal Impact on Weight

The association of tobacco use and body weight has long been a matter of concern.  In 2004, I collaborated with Swedish investigators to publish the first research on whether switching fr

Fargo Foregoes Facts – Public Health Officials Misinform on Smokeless Tobacco

Two public health officials in Fargo, North Dakota, this week were the source of grossly misleading claims about smokeless tobacco for a local media story. 

NIH Funding Stifles Tobacco Harm Reduction Research and Support in Academia

As a pathologist working at two large medical centers, I have studied the effects of smoking on health for over 20 years. I’ve published scores of papers on the impressive benefits of switchin

Memo to the CDC: Tell the WHOLE Truth About E-Cigarettes

The contrast between the spin put on youth e-cigarette use data last Fall and the story told by the actual data, released last month, is startling but not surprising, given the U.S.

Minnesota Researchers’ #EpicFail – Trying for a Smokeless Tobacco/Cancer Link

Publishing a study of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in American smokeless tobacco products (abstract

Bogus Research on Formaldehyde in E-Cig Vapor

The New England Journal of Medicine yesterday published a letter claiming that vapor contains “hidden” formaldehyde at far higher levels than cigarettes (

Formaldehype vs. Fact: Levels Are Far Lower in E-Cigarettes Than In Cigarettes

Researcher Naoki Kunugita at Japan’s National Institute of Public Health recently fueled anti-e-cig hysteria with this unverifiable claim: “In one brand of e-cigarette the team found more than 10 t

E-Cigarette Denial: It Just Doesn’t Work Anymore

Recently I attended a forum on e-cigarettes, sponsored by a political organization that wanted to educate its attendees about the devices.  During the discussion my opponent [from the pro

High School Seniors’ Post Largest Ever Single-Year Decline in Smoking; E-Cigs May Have Played a Role

The Monitoring the Future survey shows that past 30-day cigarette use among 12th graders dropped from 16.3% in 2013, to 13.6% in 2014, the largest single-year decline in the survey's 39-year histor

How Dangerous Is Snus? Don’t Ask New York Times Editors

The New York Times has added more fuel to the anti-tobacco-harm-reduction fire with a December 4 editorial (