Editorials: Dr. Brad Rodu

Association of Youth E-Cigarette Bans with Increased Smoking Confirmed

There is fresh evidence indicating that attempts to prohibit youth access to e-cigarettes increase youth smoking rates.

It’s Too Early to Prove Absolute Safety, But Smokers Shouldn’t Wait to Vape

Tobacco opponents say that we’ve had too little experience with e-cigarettes to know whether they are safe.  While it is true that we don’t yet know the health consequences of long-term use, t

BBC Drops the Ball on Baseball & Smokeless Tobacco

It’s almost baseball season, which means it’s time for anti-tobacco extremists to start grabbing easy headlines.  One especially zealous state lawmaker wants to ban smokeless tobacco by p

Do E-Cigarette Ads Promote Vaping?

The National Cancer Institute is wasting taxpayer dollars on slanted e-cigarette research that didn’t ask or answer an obvious and important question.

Sloan Kettering Corrects E-Cigarette Study

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center researchers, led by first-author Sarah Borderud, claimed on September 22, 2014, that e-cigarettes did not help cancer patients quit smoking (media story 

Smoking Cessation: Minimal Impact on Weight

The association of tobacco use and body weight has long been a matter of concern.  In 2004, I collaborated with Swedish investigators to publish the first research on whether switching fr

Conflicts of Interest Exposed, FDA Reorganizes Tobacco Advisory Panel

A range of obvious conflicts of interest has led to the replacement of several FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) members.

Fargo Foregoes Facts – Public Health Officials Misinform on Smokeless Tobacco

Two public health officials in Fargo, North Dakota, this week were the source of grossly misleading claims about smokeless tobacco for a local media story. 

NIH Funding Stifles Tobacco Harm Reduction Research and Support in Academia

As a pathologist working at two large medical centers, I have studied the effects of smoking on health for over 20 years. I’ve published scores of papers on the impressive benefits of switchin

Memo to the CDC: Tell the WHOLE Truth About E-Cigarettes

The contrast between the spin put on youth e-cigarette use data last Fall and the story told by the actual data, released last month, is startling but not surprising, given the U.S.