Editorials: Sean Parnell

Obamacare Anniversary Nothing to Celebrate

Obamacare recently passed the five-year milestone, and etiquette would suggest an anniversary gift is in order for the politicians who passed and implemented the law.

Health Benefit Mandates Are Unnecessary

There are probably more myths about health care public policy than anyone outside the mathematics department at MIT can put a number to.

Market, Not Politics, Should Decide Indiana’s Nursing Home Choices

Most people instinctively understand when government shelters companies from competition it is ultimately the consumer who suffers from higher prices, lower quality, or both.

‘Better Price Controls’ Aren’t the Answer for Medicare

The Obama administration just announced it will be shifting how it pays doctors under Medicare, seeking to reward “value” instead of “volume.” For a variety of reasons, this is likely to be yet ano

Medicaid Expansion’s Bad Priorities

Gov. Bill Haslam proposes to expand Tennessee’s Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act.

Single-Payer Taxes Will Devastate Vermont Economy

Early next year, Gov. Shumlin (D) will unveil a long-awaited financing plan for his proposed single-payer health care system. At least, that’s the expectation.

Gruber Wasn’t Insulting Republicans and Conservatives

The recently uncovered comments of MIT professor Jonathan Gruber deriding the intelligence of the American voter and bragging that deception helped pass the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare

Congress Could Turn Tables on Obamacare Proponents

Opponents of Obamacare recieved two pieces of good news in early November.

What to Do After Obama Vetoes Obamacare Repeal

It’s a foregone conclusion the new Republican-controlled U.S. Senate will join the House in voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare as it’s more unpopularly known.

Fee for Service Is Not the Problem

If you go to your doctor with severe pain or some other symptom suggesting a serious injury or illness, do you want him or her to have a financial incentive to treat you, or would you rather the do