Editorials: Edmund Contoski

Article V Constitutional Amendments, Part 1

Like a lot of Americans, I have been thinking for a long time that our nation is on the wrong track.

To Your Benefit—or at Your Loss?

The purpose of any economic exchange is to better one's position, whether a person buys or sells something for money or barters for something else.  This is the essence of free market capitali

Congress is Worthless for Limiting Spending

It is hard for people to grasp the magnitude of the U.S. debt problem—and what the ultimate “day of reckoning” will be. The national debt reached $1 trillion for the first time in 2009.

U.S. Economy Is Worse Than Claimed

Courtesy of ShadowStats.com

Why Laws Fail To Make Us Healthier

Why do so many laws passed with good intentions and seemingly desirable goals so often fail?  And why do they so often worsen the problems they are supposed to solve—and hurt people they are s

We Need a Constitutional Convention, Part 2

In the same way that EPA has extended its control over water—and even land—under clean water laws (See P

We Need a Constitutional Convention, Part 1

Reckless government spending and an uncontrollable federal debt have created an unavoidable monetary disaster ahead.  The door to unlimited federal spending was opened by President Nixon in 19

Solar Inefficiency Is Economically Ruinous

In a previous post we pointed out that alternative energies (solar, wind, ethanol and other biof

2014-- Hottest Year Ever Recorded? Look!

You can see immediately that 2014 is not the hottest year among even the last 18 years. Not by a long shot.

Government + Phony Science + $$$$ = Waste

The obvious successes of past technologies have made politicians and environmentalists eager to be in the forefront of promoting futuristic schemes for their goals.