Editorials: Richard Ebeling

Self-Determination and Individual Choice Post Brexit

The recent vote within the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union has once again implicitly raised the issue of the right of self-determination through secession.

British Say "No" to EU Power and Plunder

The political and financial establishments of Europe and the United States were taken by almost total surprise and sent into apparent shock when 52 percent of the voters in the United Kingdom chose

Donald Trump Bankrupts American Politics

Commentators from the political "left" as well as the "right" have attempted to analyze and dissect the rise and appeal of Donald Trump.

Policy Positions: Free Trade vs. Political Ignorance

The current political campaign for the U.S.

American Forefathers Were Not Paternalistic

America! For more than 250 years the word has represented hope, opportunity, a second chance, and freedom.

The Keys to Human Prosperity: Individual Liberty and the Rule of Law

We live at time when, increasingly, the U.S. government operates in arbitrary and discretionary ways.

Governments Create Monopolies and Cause Worker Exploitation, Not Free Markets

The world is threatened with a renewed wave of anti-capitalism and anti-business sentiments and policies.

Why Progressives Don't Understand and are Enemies of Liberty

What does freedom mean? What is the purpose of government? And what should be the government’s relationship to each of us as individuals and as members of society as a whole?

This Year's Presidential Politics Equals Continuing Big Government

The daily and unending bombardment of political campaign reporting and news, with its “drama” about who will be the Republican and Democratic Party candidates for the U.S.

Regardless Who Wins In November, Freedom And Liberty Both Lose

Let us be clear. We are living, right now, in a time of emotional fear, hysterical anger, illogical demands, and dangerous temptations. In other words, liberty and prosperity are at risk.