Editorials: Paul Chesser

Energy Department Revives Stimulus Loans as Another Electric Vehicle Company Stalls

As Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced last week

More Fire, More Subsidies for Tesla in California

There’s that uncomfortable juxtaposition of words again: “Tesla” and “fire.”

Adoption of New Bulbs Requires Big Subsidies and Killing Incandescents

The full implementation of the incandescent light bulb ban 

Fisker Execs Kept Salaries While Employees, Taxpayers Got Taken

Thirteen of Fisker Automotive executives made more than six figures in the past year, despite manufacturing zero cars.

Obama Administration OKs Bird Killing— As Long As Its by Windmill

Friday’s announcement by the Obama administration that it will allow 

Electricity for Your EV: A New Entitlement?

An incident blew up in the media this week, in which a Georgia owner of an electric car was arrested, after he plugged in his&

Hard to Take the German Absolution of Tesla Fires Seriously

Following incidents in Washington state, Mexico and Tennessee, the&nbs

Duke Energy Fine for Bird Kills is All Show, No Substance

Last week’s punishment/settlement between the Department of Justice and 

NHTSA to Investigate Tesla Fires as Battery Facts Remain Elusive

After three recent fires, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said he <

New Tesla Fires, Old Volt Ones Explained, Not Absolved

Tesla’s once-Teflon Elon Musk, the adored Paypal/