Editorials: Taylor Smith

Enviros tapdance around wind turbines’ bird kills

CHICAGO — When Mother Nature’s supposed greatest defenders call for replacing our reliable, affordable energy sources with unreliable, expensive sources tha

Yearly Climate Spending 10x More Than UN Estimate for Ending World Hunger

The United Nations estimates it would cost $30 billion a year to end world hunger.

Other nations would negate any U.S. attempt to tackle climate change

In an editorial last Wednesday [“Global warming is real, and it’s our fault — let’s fix it”], the Sun-Times was right to recognize any attempt to reduce gl

Shale Gas Better Climate Solution Than Carbon Tax

In a recent commentary ("The importance of Maryland's leadership on climate change," Aug. 18), former presidential adviser Carol M.

Illinois should embrace fracking

Sandra Steingraber’s op-ed Thursday was disingenuous on many fronts.

Defeating Frac Sand Moratorium Good for Minnesota

I disagree with the Land Stewardship Project that Minnesota state government needs to play an active role in frac sand mining (State frac sand moratorium unlikely, Apr. 24).

North Carolina Rethinking Renewable Energy Standard

North Carolina legislators are considering repealing the state's renewable portfolio standard.

Is Renewable Energy Law Good for N.C.? No

One of the most effective ways to reduce the purchasing power of every person and business in North Carolina would be to raise energy costs.

Drinking water not at risk from mining

Overblown fears about uranium mining are much ado about nothing in regards to justifying an out of date ban on uranium mining (Keep uranium mining ban, Sen. Ruff says, Jan.

Hydraulic fracturing in Illinois

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce’s Tom Wolf was correct in telling the Tribune that economic benefits from fracking in Illinois are largely unknown (“Illinois’ ‘fracking’ future fractured,” Busines