Editorials: Taylor Smith

Reducing Ohio’s Renewable-Power Mandate is Progress, Not Regression

Thirty states, including Ohio, have renewable portfolio mandates. These laws require a certain percentage of electricity to be generated from renewable sources, primarily wind and solar power.

Poor Countries Want Modern Living, and They Want It Fast

More than seven billion people now populate Earth, including six billion who live in developing economies.

Using Tax Code to Influence Behavior Is the Wrong Path

REGARDLESS OF one’s view on carbon dioxide emissions, using the tax code to influence the behavior of individuals or businesses, rather than as a

Pros and Cons of a Carbon Tax for the Energy Industry

Re: “Which mistake would be worse?,” May 19 letter to the editor.

Enviros tapdance around wind turbines’ bird kills

CHICAGO — When Mother Nature’s supposed greatest defenders call for replacing our reliable, affordable energy sources with unreliable, expensive sources tha

Georgia’s Solar Market: An Unfair Wealth Transfer Scheme

In Georgia and around the country, use of solar panels is on the rise.

Yearly Climate Spending 10x More Than UN Estimate for Ending World Hunger

The United Nations estimates it would cost $30 billion a year to end world hunger.

Other Nations Would Negate Any U.S. Attempt to Tackle Climate Change

In an editorial last Wednesday [“Global warming is real, and it’s our fault — let’s fix it”], the Sun-Times was right to recognize any attempt to reduce gl