Editorials: Seton Motley

The Government Giving the Left What They Want: More Terrible Policy

The federal government is yet again acquiescing to the ridiculous anti-free market demands of the Left. We the People will yet again be forced to pay dearly for the resulting damage.

When Government Attacks the Private Sector

Your average government – anywhere in the world – has more resources at its disposal than just about any private company on the planet.

Sprint's Crony Socialist Hypocrisy

Crony Socialism is, in part, the government cutting special deals for certain  companies – at the  expense of other companies, and the free market.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations Need to Lead to Fully Free Trade

The United States and Japan are at the trade negotiation table – for the proposed T

Governments Mandate Monopolies, Lament Lack of Competition

The solution to government – isn’t more government.  But that’s exactly what governments proffer all the time.

Anytime is a Good Time to Remove Ridiculous Regulations

Wednesday brings us a House Commun

Why is the Left So Opposed to Darwinian Evolution in the Market?

Leftists, on the main, are profound believers and espousers of Charles

Why Can't the Government Take No for an Answer on Net Neutrality?

Network Neutrality is sadly, yet again back from the dead.  Because the Barack Obama Administration keeps insisting on resurrecting it.

Net Neutrality and the Internet

The Left’s mantra has always been “Progress.”  And by that they mean delivering the societal and cultural wrecking ball – smashing all that stands in its way as it swings towards Utopia.