Editorials: Mischa Popoff

Huge Split In The Pro-GMO Community

As far as organic stakeholders are concerned, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) must be banned.

Time for Organic Activists to Stop Spreading Lies

Wouldn’t making it in America be easy if you could just pass laws to put your competition out of business?

Organic Activists Need GMOs Now More Than Ever

[NOTE: Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, is the co-author of this post.] “Once an activist, always an activist.”

Antibiotic surprise

Almost everyone these days uncritically accepts that the solution to antibiotic-resistant disease is to use fewer antibiotics. What about using more antibiotics? More varieties that is.

Organics Versus GMO: Why the Debate?

“[T]he GM debate is over. It is finished. We no longer need to discuss whether or not it is safe.

The Latest Italian Job

Nowhere is the art of bureaucratic precaution and obfuscation practiced with greater enthusiasm and single-minded efficiency than in Eu

Organic crops are tested for pathogens, right? Nope

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits synthetic nitrogen fertilizer in organic production and encourages natural compost.