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Dumber and Number: The Destructive Pursuit of Fixing Income Inequality

Over at a place called The Patriot Post, writer Burt Prelutsky recently posted an amusing if profane piece called “

Bean Bag Justice?

Like the Chicago Tribune, we too were surprised to s

Them vs. Us

With all the talk of America’s forgotten middle class, it’s worth taking time as we begin a new year to consider that the country’s seeming obsession with wealth and inequality may instead be&

Wealth, Inequality, and Pope Francis

With everyone from 

Washington versus Washington

  An amazing thing happened on Sunday in Washington.

Some Thoughts on Constitution Day

Few people likely know or care thatyesterday was Constitution Day, and those who do have probably already been

Sauce for the Goose

If gender no longer determines whom you can marry and whocan serve in combat, then should it still determine who can play on which highschool sports teams? 

America’s Second Civil War

“War,” said Carl von Clausewitz, “is but a continuation of politics with the admixture of other m

Déjà vu All Over Again

No President in modern U. S.

Blind Justice?

The jury in the Trayvon Martin case has found George Zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder beyond a reasonable doubt in the tragic shooting of Mr.