Editorials: David L. Applegate

The Court Cops Out

Like the camel that gets its nose under the tent, once the federal government butts into people’s business it’s very hard to get it out.  But in a per curiam decision in

The Progressive War on Free Speech – Part Three

“The Revolution devours its children,” wrote French royalist Jacques Mallet du Pan in 1793, but in the case of

The Progressive War on Free Speech – Part Two

O’Sullivan’s Law, named after British journalist John O’Sullivan, holds that any organization or ente

The Progressive War on Free Speech – Part One

It’s generally taken as a given that the American left is in favor of individual freedoms, but when it comes to the First Amendment that seems hardly any longer to be the case.  A few examples

Hillary Clinton’s Crocodile Tears for the Constitution

Further proof, if any were needed, that the silly season – otherwise known as an election year – is upon us is an 

A University the Football Team Can Be Proud Of

In the early glory days of University Oklahoma football – just after the school had won its first mythical national championship – then-University President Dr. George L.

He Can’t be Serious

As I‘ve noted before, picking on The New York Times is so easy that I really should stop doing it

Please Don’t Feed the Pigeons

Downtown Chicago, where I spend most of my time, has beggars on nearly every corner.

Is It Something in the Water at The New York Times? It Makes Economic Sense ... Again

Quite remarkably, for the second time in a week, The New York Times has shown some econo

The New York Times Wakes Up – Sort Of

Even a blind pig roots up a truffle every now and again.