Editorials: Paul Crovo

Requiem for a Failed Socialist State

No folks, it’s not Bernie Sanders’ Vermont nor Jerry Brown’s California Democratic Republic that’s about to get flushed down the economic toilet.

On Presidential Leadership

Leadership is the hallmark of all great presidents as characterized by the Schlesinger Poll, p

The Paradox of America’s Energy Renaissance

Today’s unconventional crude oil and natural gas basins such as the Marcellus, the 

There Is No Denying Mother Nature

A retrospective analysis of the year 2013 reveals one humiliating defeat after another for contemporary ecotheologians as various climatic and political events served to further undermine their cas

Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resource Development and Foreign Policy

While the development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources has clearly transformed the global energy landscape, the second order impacts have not been nea

On Leadership and Integrity

Amidst the swirl of scandals now consuming the Obama administration, one may find it instructive to reflect on eras during which our country was ruled by men of impeccable integrity and steadfast l

Green Crusade a Threat to Economic Growth

One definition of “gangrene” offered by Webster’s Dictionary, “pervasive decay or corruption,” appropriately characterizes the work of the

Mother Nature Takes Pre-Emptive Shot at Alarmists on Eve of IPCC V Release

How is it that every time environmentally supercharged politicians ring the alarmist bell, Mother Nature has a way of mocking their efforts?