Editorials: Bernard (Bud) Weinstein

Obama Continues to Impede Domestic Energy Production

With less than a year left in office, President Barack Obama is upping the pressure on America’s fossil fuel industries with a slew of new regulations and tax proposals.

Pipeline Lack Hurts Energy Production

Thanks to what’s sometimes called the “shale revolution,” America has re-emerged as an energy superpower.

Now is Not the Time to Hike State Taxes on Oil and Gas Industry

In response to significantly lower oil and natural gas prices, America’s energy sector is retrenching rapidly.  The drilling rig count has dropped by more than 50 percent over the past year, w

Repeal The Oil Export Ban

Thanks mainly to the shale revolution, oil production in the U.S.

Congressional Testimony of Bernard Weinstein to Subcommittee on Energy and Power

[The following is the testimony of Prof. Herbert "Bud" Weinstein to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on Energy and Power.

Energy is America’s Economic and Political Trump Card

Despite a slight contraction during the first quarter of this year, the American economy has been expanding slowly but steadily since the end of the “Great Recession.”

Repeal Jones Act Before Exporting Oil

For the past 40 years, in response to the OPEC embargo of 1973, crude petroleum exports from the U.S. have been severely restricted.