Editorials: Marita Noon

El Niño, La Niña and Natural Gas

Death Valley, California, is known as “the hottest place on earth.” But, if you hear the 

May Free Speech Reign and Scientific Inquiry Prevail

Throughout the past four years, climate change activists have been secretly coordinating with one another regarding ways to prosecute individuals, organizations, and companies that are their ideolo

Brexit’s Energy Lesson for California, et al

“California’s largest utility and environmental groups announced a deal Tuesday [June 21] to shutter the last nuclear power plant in the state.” This statement from the Associated Press

Obama’s Green Energy Plans Kill Jobs, Hurt Consumers, and Cost Taxpayers

Proponents of green energy like to point out how the costs have come down—and they have.

Who Wants Wind Turbines?

Last month’s wind-turbine fire near Palm Springs, CA, that dropped burning debris on the barren gr

Finally, Courage to Counterpunch the Green Bullies

When the name Resolute was chosen in 2011, after the merger of Bowater and Abitibi-Consolidated, the Canadian company, a global leader in the forest products industry and the largest producer of ne

Another Climate Alarmist’s Predictions Don’t Match Real-World Data

Whenever there is a new record set, whether rain, hurricane, drought, etc., those in the climate change alarmist camp seem to be quick to point to global warming as the cause and make more dire pre

Why Waste Food to Replace Something We Already Have Too Much Of?

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)—also known as the ethanol mandate—was passed by Congress in 2005 and expanded in 2007.

Is the Green’s “Daddy Warbucks” Helping the Planet or Himself?

Any comprehensive review of green energy and its politics and policies has to include the name of wealthy liberal Tom Steyer—who has been 

Colorado Supreme Court Embraces the Rule of Law, not the Fear Mongering of the Anti-Fossil-Fuel Movement

On Monday, May 2 the Colorado Supreme Court ruled on what the New York Times (NYT)