Editorials: Jane M. Orient, M.D.

Making American Medicine Great Again

The Republicans are at it again: trying to tweak a bad idea, make it “bipartisan,” and set a flawed system more firmly in concrete.

Medicare-Age Patient to Mr. Trump: Let’s Make a Deal

Mr. Trump has been castigated for saying that if the government goes bankrupt, he’d get creditors to accept less. That is standard operating procedure for businesses.

Zika: Crisis or Sentinel Event?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Zika is, like Ebola, a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Now the U.S.

Big Healthcare’s Latest Attack on Patient Freedom

Anything with “Big” in it means Big Money, whether it’s Big Pharma, Big Oil, or whatever.

The Zika Virus Disease Outbreak: What Should We Do?

The latest public health panic is over a disease most Americans (even doctors) have never heard of.

Sanders: What Will His Socialist Plan Do to YOUR Medical Care?

There is one thing that supporters and detractors of Bernie Sanders might agree on: he seems to be honest about his convictions.

Who Has Constitutional Rights? Trump Raises the Question

Donald Trump’s suggestion to exclude Muslims from the U.S. has been called unconstitutional as well as offensive to many.

Danger: Interstate Compact Could “Fundamentally Transform” Medicine

While Americans are preoccupied with the political theater of the Presidential race, special interest groups toil to pass legislation that could radically transform your medical care.

Will Republicans Keep the Court from Blowing Obama’s Cover?

The Big Lie of ObamaCare is in the title: the Affordable Care Act. Administration officials invoke “affordable” over and over again.

An American Response to Loss of ObamaCare Subsidies

This summer, the U.S. Supreme Court could, in King v. Burwell, uninsure 8 million Americans by finding that subsidies are illegal outside State Exchanges.