Editorials: Jeff Stier

In Defense of E-cigarettes

He saved his worst ban for last. Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's nanny-state policies have left a trail of damage.

Bloomberg’s E-cig Ban Likely to do More Harm Than Good

Mayor Bloomberg’s going out with one last ban.

The Nanny State Can Get You Killed

On the same day that the Los Angeles City Council moved to regulate e

City Hall Legislating in the Shadows

Is Mayor Bloomberg so devoted to his public-health drive that he’s willing to break the law?

With Its Soda Tax, Mexico Repeats The Mistakes Of Mayor Bloomberg:If Obesity Could be Outlawed, it Wouldn't be a Problem

By the middle of October, if everything stays on schedule, Mexico's legislators may well prove that they haven't learned a thing from policies that have been tried and failed, from Denmark to New Y

E-cigarette Regulation: Take Sensible Approach to Help Smokers Quit

For all the heated rhetoric, there's little dispute in the scientific community: those who quit smoking cigarettes and switch to e-cigarettes reap immediate as well as long-term health benefits.

The Right Way to Fight Obesity

Among the contentious food issues to be addressed by public policy this year is obesity, which affects Americans of all ages.

Big Apple "Voluntary" Composting Idea Stinks: Carries Health Risks, Says New York-Based Risk Expert

Mayor Bloomberg is planning on creating a "voluntary" composting program that will eventually become mandatory, the New York Times 

Frankenfood? Mutant Wheat Not a Health Threat

There’s a new twist in the story of genetically modified wheat discovered growing rogue by an Oregon farmer.