Editorials: Jeff Stier

New EPA Emissions Report Threatens Alabama Industries

The Environmental Protection Agency's latest report on greenhouse gas emissions demonstrates shrewd political strategy -- and a wanton disregard for objective science.

School Lunch Shouldn't Be Middle-Class Welfare

First Lady Michelle Obama touted the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 as a way to make school meals more nutritious and accessible to reduce childhood obesity rates.

The Nanny State Advances Statement on Passage of Anti-Soda Tax in Philadelphia

In the first success of its nature for "nanny state" advocates after many years of trying, Philadelphia Thursday became the first major city to attempt to control the non-alcoholic drink choices of

American Docs Need to Learn From Royal College of Physicians

Author's Note: On June 2nd, the New England Journal of Medicine published a case vignette, "A man considering the use of

Health Insurers Find Back Door to Limit Choice

Lost in the noise of political posturing over health care, there's one widely accepted principle: the importance of the doctor-patient relationship in medical decision-making.

FDA Went Way Too Far on E-Cigarettes

The FDA wasn't wrong to regulate e-cigarettes.

University Researchers Put Fracking Politics Before Science

Geologists at the University of Cincinnati just wrapped up a three-year investigation of hydraulic fracturing

'GMO' Labeling We Don't Need--And Won't Get

Controversy continues to rage over whether foods from plants modified with molecular genetic engineering techniques should have to be labeled as such.

Your Burger Is Killing the Planet, Say the Climatarians

by Julie Kelly and Jeff Stier