Editorials: Erik Root

Further Reflections on the Declaration

We have just celebrated this nation’s Founding, but debate abounds on the meaning of the Declaration of Independence.  How significant is this document?

What Consists of Well-Being? The Non-Study Study

The Social Science Research Center has posted a lengthy report on what consists of good human development & well-being (read happiness) in the states.

California’s Environmental Tax Grab

Well, well, well.  It seems California is not all that interested in theenvironment after all.

Higher Education’s Changing Landscape

There is one thing the professoriate in highereducation, generally, resist–change.

It’s Time to End Farm Subsidies

In a somewhat surprising editorial, (section 1, p.

Huntington Beach May Ban Fire Pits

The Indie band Best Coast praises Los Angeles (and the South Bay) in general in its song “The Only Place.”  The song is notable for California’s freedom and carefree life under sun and sand.