Editorials: Isaac Orr

Our Air Is Getting Cleaner, And Natural Gas Deserves Some Fracking Credit

A new study released by the World Health Organization (WHO) says although outdoor air pollution worldwide has 

Frac Sand Mining Contributing to Cleaner Air

The rapid development of frac sand mining in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and especially Wisconsin led many people living near mines and processing plants to become concerned about the potential negat

For the Farmers, the Biofuel Bubble has Already Burst

It’s planting season, and farmers are taking to the fields to put food on our tables.

Authors of Fracking Study Dismayed at Good News

A new study published in 

Thanks To Fracking, OPEC’s Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

Plummeting oil prices, which are largely the result of the U.S.

Hillary and Bernie Need a Fracking Lesson

Environmental issues were discussed in detail at a recent Democratic debate, held in in Flint Michigan on March 6.

'Loss of Place' is Legitimate, Fear of Frac Sand is Not

The mining of sand used for hydraulic fracking has become a controversial issue in communities throughout Western Wisconsin.

Bernie Sanders’ Fracking Ban Is an Economic Disaster for Energy-Producing States

Many energy-producing states are currently struggling in the wake of falling oil and natural gas prices.

A Valentine's Day Ode to Fracking

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, Americans naturally focus on romantic relationships. Chocolates ... intimate dinners ... flowers ... fracking ...