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North Dakota Joins High School Civics Initiative

North Dakota has joined several states considering adoption of civics education requirements for graduating high school students. Betsy Dalrymple, the state’s first lady, joined several state legislators in making the Dec. 1 announcement they’d introduce a bill on the matter at the beginning of the 2015 legislatives session. Language for the bill has yet to be written, but it will likely adhere to a draft bill used by other states adopting the requirements, including Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma...

Pennsylvania Teachers Woefully Unprepared for Classroom Challenges, Study Finds

Teachers are not ready to teach in many states including Pennsylvania. That was the message delivered by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) in a national report on educators released in December. The eighth annual State Teacher Policy Yearbook examines the effectiveness of educators in all 50 states and concludes school districts are mostly failing to provide well-prepared teachers, expand the teaching pool, and identify and get rid of ineffective teachers. Poor Teacher...

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