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South Carolina House Introduces Bill to Expand Course Options for Public School Students

A South Carolina bill to expand public school students’ access to credit-bearing courses from public schools, colleges, nonprofit organizations, employers, and other course providers was introduced in the House on April 14, 2016. The bill failed to progress to the Senate in time to meet the crossover deadline of May 1 for the current legislative session. State Rep. Todd Atwater (R-Lexington) introduced House Bill 5216, the South Carolina Course Access Act. The bill was referred to the...

Missouri Adopts New Standards to Replace Common Core

Missouri public schools will have new academic standards this fall, with the State Board of Education having adopted standards in April to replace Common Core. Gov. Jay Nixon (D) signed House Bill 1490 in July 2014 to repeal and replace Common Core and require the state government to prepare replacement standards for the 2016-17 school year. Work groups of educators and parents chosen by state legislative leaders worked for 15 months to develop the standards, which were posted on the...

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