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Online School: Is It Homeschooling?

Homeschooling has been around for centuries, but online school is a comparatively recent innovation. In the last decade, all kinds of online education options have popped up, providing homeschooling parents with more options than there are curriculum stands at a homeschool convention. From Christian online academies to state online schools to post-secondary classes, the avenues for homeschooling seem infinite. The new question is: Do online classes “count” as homeschooling? Some parents whose...

New Program Makes Online Education Work for Special-Needs Children

Compared to children who don’t have disabilities, those who do have them often work slower, need more attention, or need especially explicit, detailed instructions. It’s well-known learning gadgets and online classes or therapy can work wonders with autistic children, but kids with other special-needs can also benefit from online education tools. The Presence Learning company offers online speech and occupational therapy for kids in grades K-12. A shortage of speech therapists prompted the...

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