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SC Leaders Play Ping Pong with Common Core Tests

South Carolina’s state superintendent will pull the state from national Common Core tests, he said in a letter Monday, a week after the state board of education voted to keep them. The week before that, the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) told school districts to stop Common Core pilot tests underway, since the state was pulling out. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Utah have all dropped the federally funded Common Core tests, which are intended...

Indiana's New Standards, New SAT Questions, and More: Thursday's' Ed News

Thursday's ed news INDIANA: An early analysis of the state's new standards reveals "an echo of Common Core," and besides that, low quality.  COLLEGE ENTRANCE: The College Board has released sample questions for the new SAT, which they're redesigning to fit Common Core.  KENTUCKY: This school district lets high school students come and go as they please, with personal learning plans and internships.  SEGREGATION: A new paper says Brown v. Board of Education, on its 60th anniversay...

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