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Colorado Legislation Requires Transparency in Teachers Union Negotiations

Colorado has established a law making teachers union negotiations transparent. Proposition 104, which passed with 70 percent of the vote on November 4, requires collective bargaining negotiations between the unions and school boards be opened to the public. Though voters supported the proposition, several organizations pushed to stop it from passing. One such group, Local Schools, Local Choices, describes themselves on their website as a group of educators, superintendents, and other advocates...

Anti-testing Advocates Question Government Task Force

The Council of Chief State School Officers has announced upcoming efforts to reduce high-stakes testing in public schools, but anti-testing activists say the proposals, though a good step, are not enough.  The council, which includes state education officials from across the nation, in October announced it will partner with major school districts to assess the usefulness and efficiency of current tests, with the goal of eliminating those it deems unnecessary. Members of the council...

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