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Video: Michelle Rhee Discusses Lawsuits Aimed at Tenure

Parents have filed a lawsuit on behalf of seven children against New York's union-backed tenure rules, after a California judge in a similar suit agreed the rules send the worst teachers to the neediest students.  Former Washington DC education chancellor Michelle Rhee joins the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal to discuss the lawsuit and how incredibly difficult it is to fire a bad teacher.  "In states where the legislature refuses to move on these issues and put new laws and...

Missouri Governor Signs Bill to Repeal, Replace Common Core

Gov. Jay Nixon has signed a bill that would replace national Common Core education mandates with Missouri’s own set of educational criteria. House Bill 1490 would abolish the Common Core standards by the 2016-2017 school year and establish new state standards with a built-in process for revision. “HB 1490 can be simplified to three words: sovereignty, privacy, and flexibility,” said the chief sponsor of the bill, Rep. Kurt Bahr (R-St. Charles). Representative Government RestoredEducation...

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