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Common Core Testing Groups Won’t Let Some States Go

It's been almost a year since Indiana and Pennsylvania officially withdrew from national Common Core tests, but testing organization still lists the two states as members on its Web site. “They've been inactive for quite some time,” said David Connerty-Martin, spokesman for federally funded Common Core testing group Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), of Indiana and Pennsylvania. Connerty-Martin didn’t explain why the two states are still listed, promising...

Teachers Union Sues to Stop Florida Choice Expansion

A lawsuit from a Florida union would eliminate school choice for many low-income students and effectively kill a program to help students with autism and other special needs. The lawsuit would also wipe out the state’s new education savings account program and an expansion to the tax-credit scholarship program. The Florida Education Association and other plaintiffs argue lawmakers did not follow proper procedure in passing a new school choice law this year, but does not claim that the...

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