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Parents Camp Out, Risk Jail to Get Kids into Better Schools

Every year, parents across the country camp out and line up to get their kids into good schools. Some have even risked jail terms. This year, Plano Texas parents pitched tents in freezing temperatures to be among the first to list their kids to transfer out of their school district. Parents in Chandler, Arizona camped out for a full weekend to get their kids into a magnet school. Berkley, California, like many other districts, hires home inspectors to check that kids flagged as potential line-...

High School MOOCs, Jindal and Common Core, and More: Tuesday's' Ed News

Tuesday's ed news LOUISIANA: Gov. Bobby Jindal says he'll pull the state from Common Core tests if the legislature doesn't.  FLORIDA: The state experiments with massive, open, online courses for high schoolers, which has the potential to displace Advanced Placement’s brand. MISSOURI: The House passes a bill to instate new standards to replace Common Core, by a 132-19 vote.  COLORADO: A teacher’s resignation over testing goes viral. DC: City officials consider whether to have all...

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