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New Program Makes Online Education Work for Special-Needs Children

Compared to children who don’t have disabilities, those who do have them often work slower, need more attention, or need especially explicit, detailed instructions. It’s well-known learning gadgets and online classes or therapy can work wonders with autistic children, but kids with other special-needs can also benefit from online education tools. The Presence Learning company offers online speech and occupational therapy for kids in grades K-12. A shortage of speech therapists prompted the...

Why Won’t the College Board Reveal Its AP U.S. History Authors?

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? The Second Continental Congress assigned that responsibility to a committee that included Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston. After discussing the general outline the document should follow, the committee decided Jefferson would be the best person to write the document. So Jefferson receives the honor of being the author of America’s Declaration of Independence. The Second Continental Congress could...

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