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School Choice Fosters Racial, Economic Equity

School Choice Weekly #134 Kevin Chavous responds with arguments and evidence to a report that claims school choice programs create segregation because most private school students today are white and some private schools opened to accommodate white flight from public schools as black children were enrolled in the 1950s and 1960s. He points out that school choice programs typically serve far more minority students than is representative of their states’ populations, thereby actually serving to...

West Virginia Eases Homeschooling Paperwork Rules

West Virginia has passed into law a bill easing homeschooling parents’ paperwork burden, reforming the way the state’s “notice of intent” process works. Gov. Earl Tomblin (D) signed House Bill 4175 into law in March. When the law takes effect in May, homeschooling parents will be required to submit notice of intent paperwork to government school district officials only once, instead of every year. Other changes to the state’s home-education laws in the bill include expediting the process for...

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