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Number of Black Families Homeschooling More Than Doubled in Four Years

A growing number of black families are choosing to homeschool their children, the U.S. Department of Education reports. Although increasing numbers of black families are choosing to homeschool, RiShawn Biddle, who runs Dropout Nation, an education news and policy magazine, says it is difficult to know exactly how drastic the increase has been. “There are more black families that are taking up homeschooling,” Biddle said. “The question is how many. Currently the data we have on homeschooling...

Florida Officials Work to Reduce Testing

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has issued an executive order that suspends one test in his state’s schools for 11th grade students and called for legislation to review and reduce other testing. After an investigation into the frequency of testing done in Florida schools, state education officials determined schools were administering too many standardized tests. The state officials looked at the frequency of testing on the district level, the purpose of the tests, and whether there was...

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