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Kevin Chavous: Common Core Hullabaloo Distracts from Choice

"While the adults around the country continue to bicker [about Common Core], who’s looking out for the children teetering on the brink of dropping out of school?” That's what Kevin Chavous wants to know. He wrote a recent op-ed in Education Week calling Common Core a divisive distraction from the work of getting kids better schools through school choice. He joins the podcast to discuss that op-ed, explain what people should focus on instead, and answer concerns over...

Academics, Culture Lead Tennessee Mom to Private School

Marilyn Johnson couldn’t afford to put her son, Marshall, in a private school. She also said she couldn’t afford not to. “I had researched the inner-city school system, and I knew they wouldn’t be a fit for my son,” Johnson said. “That’s when MOST came in.” Johnson, who lives in Shelby County, Tennessee, found her opportunity through the Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust (MOST), funded by private philanthropists. Tennessee has considered replicating the program at the state level. Try Again...

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