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Florida Bill Would Streamline Charter School Approval Process

The Florida House of Representatives is considering a bill that would streamline the charter school approval process and fast-track the closing of underperforming charters. House Bill 7037 would create a statewide institute whose mission would be to assist in the opening of proposed charters. It would use a standardized checklist to determine important information in need of collection. The information would be used to help indicate future success for proposed schools. Sponsors say this should...

Mississippi Passes Nation’s Third ESA Bill

After a lengthy legislative session and multiple amendments, Mississippi became the third state in the nation to pass an education savings account (ESA) bill, which will allow disabled students a state-funded scholarship account to customize individual learning tracks. Senate Bill 2695 would establish the Equal Opportunity for Students with Special Needs (EOSSN) program. EOSSN would allow customization of education for disabled students by directing funds into parents’ hands while reducing the...

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