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North Dakota Republican Candidates Promise to Eliminate Common Core

Candidates running for spots on the Republican ticket in North Dakota this election season are using anti-Common Core (CC) rhetoric to woo voters. Leah Peterson, a member of Stop Common Core North Dakota, says opposition to Common Core was a prevalent message from would-be candidates at the North Dakota Republican Convention this year. “I was there. We had many anti-CC activists lined up to be delegates,” Peterson said. “This is ultimately what put the gears in motion to come out against Common...

Teachers Unions, Allies Rally Against Charter School Expansion in Los Angeles

Teachers unions and public school board members have combined their efforts in an all-out campaign to block and eliminate charter schools in the City of Los Angeles, by engaging in “walk-ins” and public outrage campaigns against school choice. Los Angeles charter school advocates recently outlined plans to enroll half of the district’s students in charter schools by 2023. To show their opposition to the proposal to expand charter school programs, American Federation of Teachers (AFT)...

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