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NC Voucher Lawusit, Seniority Rules in CA, and More: Wednesday's' Ed News

Wednesday's ed news NORTH CAROLINA: Lawmakers will ask the Supreme Court to let 2,400 poor kids use vouchers while a court case against them pends. CALIFORNIA: A settlement in a lawsuit arguing teachers union seniority rules leave poor kids with worse teachers throws more money at the problem. SOUTH CAROLINA: The state superintendent has announced he will pull the state from national Common Core tests, after the state department of education and board of education bickered over whether to do...

School Choice Caucus Enters Congress

The Congressional School Choice Caucus is the first group of its kind on Capitol Hill. Parents and lawmakers joined forces March 25 for the inaugural meeting, broadly discussing ways to continue expanding educational freedom so every child can receive a good education, regardless of ZIP code. U.S. Rep. Luke Messer (R-Indiana), founded the caucus during National School Choice Week in late January, stating that school choice is the civil rights issue of this generation. His goal—to explain how...

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