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Washington Court Holds Legislature in Contempt Over School Funding

The Washington State Supreme Court (WSC) is holding the State Legislature in contempt because lawmakers haven’t fulfilled a previous court ruling that requires the legislature to devise a plan to increase school funding for Washington’s public education system by billions of dollars. The sanction, which was announced on August 14, includes a $100,000-per-day fine. In McCleary v. State of Washington, a case brought by teachers unions and some parents in 2012, WSC determined Washington lawmakers...

Oral Arguments Heard in Texas School Funding Case

Oral arguments in an education-funding lawsuit involving six groups representing school districts, parents, and other groups in Texas took place on September 1. Attorneys for more than 600 districts suing the state told the state’s Supreme Court schools are underfunded and the distribution of funding is unfair. According to the lawsuit, the inequity in funding has been a problem across school districts since a 2011 cut to education funding. The lawsuit questions the constitutionality of how...

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