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Cromnibus Reinstates Wind Production Tax Credit

The $1.1 trillion “Cromnibus” continuing resolution/omnibus spending law funding most government agencies through the 2015 fiscal year contains a number of special interest tax breaks, including reinstatement of the expired Production Tax Credit for wind power producers. Some analysts expressed surprise Congress reinstituted the PTC, as just in 2013 a block of Republicans insisted the credit lapse. Despite the high costs and inherent intermittency of wind power, there are signs the new Congress...

Washington Governor Proposes Carbon Tax

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has pushed an ambitious cap-and-trade program requiring the state's largest industries to pay for every ton of CO2 they release. The proposal is meant, in part, to meet Washington State’s projected $2 billion budget gap for the next two-year period. The plan could raise nearly $1 billion in the first year after it is enacted. The revenue would pay for transportation projects, education-funding requirements imposed by the state Supreme Court, and energy assistance to...

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