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Risky Business: The Best Global Warming Alarmism Money Can Buy

The billionaire triumvirate of Tom Steyer, Henry Paulson, and Michael Bloomberg introduced their ballyhooed Risky Business report on the climate this June, and after all the op-eds, blog posts, and public interviews so far, all that can be said about it is that it is already an empty, meaningless PR campaign upon which the financial hotshots have wasted their money. Logical scrutiny of the project, from its genesis to its outcome, reveals how deeply flawed and biased it is. Given the...

Advocacy Group Forces Catastrophe ‘Consensus’ on Schoolkids

Part II – This is the second in a two-part column on how the National Center for Science Education is targeting the nation’s schools to enforce a mythical consensus on global warming alarmism Casting Science Against ReligionUnderscoring the mindset of anti-religious groups, in 1996 prominent scientist Richard Dawkins was declared the American Humanist Association’s (AHA) Humanist of the Year. In his acceptance speech he stated, “Faith is one of the world’s great evils, comparable to the...

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