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Portland School Board Bans Materials Questioning Human-Caused Climate Change

The Public School Board in Portland, Oregon unanimously approved a resolution banning textbooks and other teaching materials expressing any doubt or reservations concerning the claim humans are the primary cause behind global climate change and its dangerous consequences. The May 17 decision was supported by environmental groups that claim the debate over the theory humans’ fossil-fuel use is currently causing dangerous climate change is over and the science is settled. The resolution—...

Innovations and Safety in Hydraulic Fracturing

The copious amounts of oil and gas produced over the past decade through the combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has resulted in greater energy security for the United States and extremely low oil and natural gas prices for consumers, and contrary to radical anti-fossil-fuel activists’ claims, this energy bounty has come with little or no harm to the environment. A little-known fact outside of the oil and gas industry is hydraulically fracturing wells has been a tool...

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