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People's Climate March: The Face of True Belief

People's Climate March: The Face of True Belief I liked everybody I met at the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21, two days before the UN climate change summit. I mean it. I liked them so much I hate what I have to write about them. I liked the group that wore real cabbages for headpieces, some of which had cabbage horns. I liked the anarchists from West Virginia University who were sure the capitalist system, which allowed them to go to school and come to this march, had...

Al Jazeera Sues ‘Desperate’ Gore for False Representations

A desperate Al Gore made several false representations as part of a smokescreen to “prevent people from seeing the truth,” the Al Jazeera media network asserted in conjunction with court documents filed Thursday, Business Insider reports. Al Jazeera claims Gore, whose former Current TV network raked in more than $400 million when purchased by Al Jazeera, is improperly seeking to squeeze another $75 million from Al Jazeera. Gore, who frequently accuses scientists who disagree with his alarmist...

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