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Peru Wrangling Produces Toothless Climate Agreement

Climate Change Weekly #151 The international global warming conference held in Lima, Peru in early December closely resembled previous climate change conferences. There were countless speeches. Developing nations requested pay-offs. Wealthy countries demanded more be done to reduce carbon emissions. And after seemingly endless negotiations, back-room meetings, and whispering, world leaders produced a common agreement. This climate conference displayed the same old song and dance, but the...

Technology Is Driving Fracking Revolution

Although energy producers have utilized fracking since the 1940s, today’s fracking revolution results from recent technological advances and new oil and natural gas discoveries. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, extracts oil and natural gas from shale rock by drilling thousands of feet below the earth’s surface and then injecting water, sand, and trace chemicals under high pressure to create cracks in the shale formations, thus releasing oil and natural gas. By some estimates, fracking could...

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