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Genetic Modification May Defeat Fruit Fly Pests

A genetically engineered fruit fly may be an effective form of pest control, new research indicates. The Mediterranean fruit fly is an agricultural pest that does extensive damage to more than 300 types of crops annually. This amounts to millions of tons of crops and billions of dollars lost globally. Female Development Stunted The genetically modified fly has a gene which interrupts female development, causing females to die before they can breed. Over the span of a few generations, colonies...

Declining Humidity Is Defying Global Warming Models

Atmospheric relative humidity has substantially declined in recent decades, defying global warming computer models predicting higher amounts of atmospheric water vapor that will exacerbate global warming. The decline in relative humidity indicates global warming will be much more moderate than global warming activists claim. CO2 Has Minimal Impact Carbon dioxide’s impact on global temperatures is not in dispute. As a matter of physics, doubling atmospheric water vapor from pre-Industrial Age...

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