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BOOK REVIEW: Hughes Exposes the Truth About Environmental Scares

Review of POPULAR DECEPTIONS :What they haven’t told us and how much it’s going to cost Reviewed by Jay Lehr Popular Deceptions: What they haven’t told us and how much it’s going to cost By Randall L. Hughes; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 10, 2014, 278 pages; ISBN-10: 1497388635, ISBN-13: 978-1497388635: $12.75 on Amazon For thirty years, energy engineer Randall Hughes has been frustrated by widespread misinformation on the subject of energy, chemical use, and other targets...

Interview: Tom Harris Discusses the Work of the International Climate Science Coalition

[Editor’s Note: Heartland Institute Research Fellow H. Sterling Burnett interviewed Tom Harris after his speech at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change. Harris expanded on his ICCC talk.] Q: You mentioned in your presentation at ICCC-9 you were once a moderate believer in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. Could you describe your conversion to climate skepticism? Harris: In 1999, I had an article in the Ottawa Citizen discussing comparative planetology, how studying the...

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