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U.S., Global Crop Production Sets New Records in 2014

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has forecast record U.S. corn yields this year as warmer temperatures, longer growing seasons, more precipitation, and higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have enhanced crop output. In its August crop report, the USDA projected U.S. corn production would surpass 14 billion bushels and shatter 2013’s record corn crop. Ideal climate conditions, and especially abundant rainfall, are fueling the record crop, USDA reported. “Excellent growing conditions in...

Renewable Energy Death Toll Impugns Green Claims

Renewable energy sources are killers, not so much green as red. Until recently, renewable energy sources—wind, solar, hydro, etc.—have gotten a pass on the environmental harms they cause. However, as the death toll mounts, the public has begun objecting to the deadly impacts of “green” energy sources. Hydroelectric dams, once the darlings of the green jet set, have been killing migrating salmon for decades. Despite designers’ best efforts, they have yet to solve the problem, and now dams are...

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