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Interview: Tom Harris Discusses the Work of the International Climate Science Coalition

[Editor’s Note: Heartland Institute Research Fellow H. Sterling Burnett interviewed Tom Harris after his speech at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change. Harris expanded on his ICCC talk.] Q: You mentioned in your presentation at ICCC-9 you were once a moderate believer in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. Could you describe your conversion to climate skepticism? Harris: In 1999, I had an article in the Ottawa Citizen discussing comparative planetology, how studying the...

Fracking Leading to Economic Growth, Rapid Job Creation in North Dakota

While much of the rest of the nation is still struggling to recover from the 2007-2008 recession, the fracking boom in North Dakota has been a job-creating machine. The state is now the nation's second-leading oil producer, behind Texas, and it has the nation's lowest unemployment rate—2.8 percent in October—with more job openings than applications. The glut of jobs has caused the state to run ad campaigns to entice workers and families to relocate there, and there is already a housing shortage...

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