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The Anti-Endangered Species Tax (aka Estate Tax)

Little noticed in the debate over the Estate Tax, better known as the Death Tax because it punishes the heirs of people who have died, is the harm it does to wildlife, especially endangered species. Recently, the Family Business Coalition sent a letter to Representatives Dave Camp (R-MI), Chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation, and Kevin Brady (R-TX), Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, urging them to repeal the Death Tax.  The Coalition--which consists largely of trade...

The Maldives’ Corals Seven Years after the 1998 Bleaching Event

How did they respond to the most devastating bleaching episode of modern times? Better than some predicted, suggesting that forecasts of their demise are likely highly exaggerated... Read More Climate-Change-Induced Flooding (29 Jul 2014) More frequent and more devastating floods are both (1) predicted for the future and (2) claimed to already be occurring by a host of climate alarmists, as a result of climate change that they claim is induced by anthropogenic CO2 emissions. But are these...

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