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Global Warming Boosts Tree Growth, New Study Reports

Trees are growing at an accelerated rate due to global warming, scientists conclude in a new peer-reviewed study. The study documents faster tree growth in recent decades and concludes longer growing seasons and rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are stimulating the benefits. A team of European forestry scientists analyzed growth rates of Norway spruce and European beech trees – the dominant tree species in Central Europe – since 1870. The scientists discovered both species are...

SHOCKER! Climate Alarmist Musical Finally Runs Out of Taxpayer Money, Quickly Closes

The asinine ambitions of our know-it-all federal bureaucrats know no bounds. Really. No. Bounds. A collection of bureaucrats at the National Science Foundation (NSF) used $700,000 of taxpayer money this spring to play out their Broadway fantasies by funding what they surely thought was a sure-fire-hit play. It would combine the prose of Al Gore with music that would elevate it above his usual drone that makes audiences want to stab their ears with pencils. And there would be dancing!...

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