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Crop Insurance Increases Risk

A recent report from economist Helen Fessenden of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond shows federally subsidized crop insurance encourages farmers to undertake risky practices, increasing the cost of the program. When the most recent farm bill passed in 2014, lawmakers abolished the controversial system of direct payments to farmers, but they expanded the crop insurance program. The government today pays 60 percent of farmers’ insurance premiums and 100 percent of the administrative and...

Federal Control of Nuclear Waste Hamstrings Industry

The nuclear power industry in the United States has been held back by a dysfunctional, federally controlled, centrally planned system of nuclear waste management, say the authors of a new study by The Heritage Foundation. The report says the bipartisan Senate bill aimed at reforming nuclear waste management, The Nuclear Waste Administration Act, fails to address core issues plaguing the treatment of spent nuclear fuel. The Heritage Foundation study, titled “Fooled Again: The Nuclear Waste...

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