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Oregon Bill Proposes Ban on Coal-Generated Electricity by 2035

In a vote that could have far-reaching implications for Oregon’s residential and commercial electricity users, the state’s legislature will soon consider a bill sponsored by state Rep. Tobias Read (D-Beaverton) and state Sen. Chris Edwards (D-Eugene) that would eliminate electricity generated by coal-fired power plants from the state’s power grid by 2035. The Portland Tribune reports Oregon’s two investor-owned utilities, Pacific Power and Portland General Electric (PGE), both of which own out-...

How the Environmental Movement Morphed into the Climate Change Movement

“Network” has become a common last name for dozens of radical environmental groups, including the Rainforest Action Network, Pesticide Action Network, Climate Action Network, and many others, but the push to be part of a network is about more than puffery; it’s all about money. Foundations funding the environmental movement are no longer satisfied with stand-alone groups saving the environment. They want to multiply the power of their grants by pressuring their grantees into coalitions of...

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