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Tampa Solar Panels Fail to Meet Promises

Rooftop solar panels installed at the Hillsborough County Courthouse in Tampa, Florida are producing less than half their promised power, county records reveal. Rather than lowering electricity costs, as promised, the poor-performing solar panels are causing a dramatic increase in electricity costs. Huge Savings PromisedIn 2010, federal and Hillsborough County officials announced the project to place solar panels on the Hillsborough County Courthouse. Government officials said the panels,...

Poll Shows People Just Don’t Care about Global Warming

Climate Change Weekly #135 Americans don’t really care whether public officials attempt to address global warming, according to a new poll conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In a survey of more than 1,000 Americans, only 21 percent say they follow the issue closely. A much greater number – 36 percent – say they pay little or no attention at all. The rest merely follow the issue “somewhat closely.” Regardless of how closely respondents follow...

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