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Climate Science Not Settled, Says Former Obama Undersecretary for Science

Climate Change Weekly #140 Physicist Steven Koonin says climate science is far from settled and we are a long way from having good enough knowledge to make wise climate policy. That view is not news to climate skeptics, but it may seem surprising coming from Koonin, who was undersecretary for science in the Obama administration’s Energy Department in the president’s first term. Koonin says the crucial question isn’t whether climate is changing, which is a settled matter: It is changing and...

Wastewater Tremors Weaker than Natural Earthquakes, USGS Reports

Small earthquakes linked to underground wastewater injection are substantially weaker in their effects than natural earthquakes of the same magnitude, according to a new study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey . Natural earthquakes are approximately 16 times as strong as human-induced tremors of the same magnitude. Recent Increase in Small Quakes The USGS has documented an increase in small earthquakes in the central and eastern United States in recent years, with evidence indicating a...

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