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Fish and Wildlife Service to Grant 30-year Permits to Kill Protected Eagles

Under a rule proposed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), renewable-energy companies will be able to obtain permits over the next 30 years authorizing protected eagles to be killed or captured. The proposed rule is part of the Obama administration’s plan to expand wind and solar energy development. The rule would provide to renewable-energy companies protection from criminal or civil prosecution or penalties for incidental deaths of protected bald and golden eagles that occur as a...

Portland School Board Bans Materials Questioning Human-Caused Climate Change

The Public School Board in Portland, Oregon unanimously approved a resolution banning textbooks and other teaching materials expressing any doubt or reservations concerning the claim humans are the primary cause behind global climate change and its dangerous consequences. The May 17 decision was supported by environmental groups that claim the debate over the theory humans’ fossil-fuel use is currently causing dangerous climate change is over and the science is settled. The resolution—...

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