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Sorry, Steve Running, Wildfires Are Decreasing with Global Warming

A Billings Gazette article last week quoted University of Montana global warming activist Steve Running claiming major wildfires have quadrupled since 1986, but the facts show wildfires are actually declining. In the September 7 Gazette article, “Global warming makes firefighting more dangerous,” Running is quoted saying “Since 1986, longer, warmer summers have resulted in a fourfold increase of major wildfires and a sixfold increase in the area of forest burned, compared to the period from...

Genetic Modification May Defeat Fruit Fly Pests

A genetically engineered fruit fly may be an effective form of pest control, new research indicates. The Mediterranean fruit fly is an agricultural pest that does extensive damage to more than 300 types of crops annually. This amounts to millions of tons of crops and billions of dollars lost globally. Female Development Stunted The genetically modified fly has a gene which interrupts female development, causing females to die before they can breed. Over the span of a few generations, colonies...

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