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Low Oil Prices Boost Economy

A worldwide oil glut has caused the price of crude oil to fall below $50 a barrel since topping $100 a barrel in June. The price of gas at the pump has since averaged around $2.07 per gallon nationally for the past several months, far below the April 29, 2014 closing average retail price of $3.70 per gallon. That significant reduction of pain at the pump has translated into more money in people’s pockets and increased sales for certain businesses, such as convenience stores, airlines,...

Naomi Oreskes Warps Climate Skeptic History

Harvard historian of science Naomi Oreskes is best known to climate realists for her 2010 screed Merchants of Doubt, but a short, obscure, error-riddled essay she wrote as a chapter in the book How Well Do Facts Travel? The Dissemination of Reliable Knowledge is more significant. In it she examines the 1991 origin of the “skeptics are paid industry shills” narrative found in a legendary set of “leaked Western Fuels memos.” Oreskes’ chapter is important because she interprets the memos as...

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