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Al Gore Mentions Heartland, Tells 11 Falsehoods in Just 35 Seconds

Al Gore hosted his annual “24 Hours of Reality” program this week. You might have missed it since Gore no longer has a cable network to show his Jerry Lewis-style telethon for the climate-alarmist set, but instead had to broadcast the whole thing online. Come to think of it, you probably also missed all the other “24 Hours of Reality” programs on his old, low-rated, bore of a network, Current TV. In the middle of his latest presentation, Gore mentioned The Heartland Institute and how...

Interview: Alan Carlin Explains How Politics Infiltrated EPA

Heartland Institute Senior Fellow James M. Taylor interviewed Alan Carlin after Carlin’s talk at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change. Carlin provided more insight into some of the main points in his ICCC talk. Taylor: What were your main arguments against EPA’s Endangerment Finding, as presented in your comments? Carlin: I made three main points in my comments to EPA on the draft Technical Support Document (TSD), the technical basis for EPA’s Endangerment Finding. These were:...

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