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Despite More than a Billion Dollars in Government Subsidies Largest Renewable Energy Company Filing for Bankruptcy

SunEdison, which bills itself as the largest green energy company in the world, a company the National Review reports has received more than $1.5 billion in state and federal government subsidies and loan guarantees, is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection from its creditors. SunEdison’s financial collapse would rank as one of the largest in recent years. The company had a market value of more than $10 billion in July of 2015 with its stock trading at approximately $32 per share. Now the...

Government Support for Solar Power Being Reconsidered Nationwide

Forty U.S. states have net metering policies under which households or businesses with rooftop solar panels can sell electricity they generate above what they actually use back to solar utilities at retail rates. The increase in the price of electricity to utility customers as a result of the growth of solar power due to the net metering incentives has prompted 25 states to begin reconsidering their policies. In California, where opinion polls show solar power to be widely popular, by a narrow...

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