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Environmental Defense Fund Gets Schooled on Wind Power Costs

Hell hath no fury like crony capitalists having their subsidies challenged. Case in point – the subsidy-dependent wind power industry is in emergency panic and attack mode on the heels of a paper documenting soaring electricity prices in the states most dependent on wind power. Wind power lobbyists frequently claim expensive wind power somehow brings down electricity prices. In February of this year, for example, an American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) press release claimed “consumers in...

Texas Comptroller Report Destroys Wind Industry Claims

A new report by the Texas Comptroller documents how wind power is raising electricity prices in Texas, throwing cold water on false assertions made by American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) lobbyists. Big Wind made its false assertions about Texas wind power after I pointed out in a article that electricity prices are soaring in the states most reliant on wind power. As I documented at, in nine of the 10 states most reliant on wind power, electricity prices are rising at...

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