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Solar Power Lobbyists Seek to Subvert Florida Tea Party

After successfully pushing for $100 million in special interest renewable energy subsidies in Florida, the solar power lobby is now trying to subvert the Florida Tea Party to get it to support more government favoritism. Florida’s grassroots conservatives should see through the ruse and just say no to more Solyndra-style chicanery. Seeking Monopolist Carve-Out Hoping to take advantage of grassroots conservatives’ antipathy to government picking winners and losers through state-protected...

Eco-echo Chamber Amplifies “Corrupt Skeptics” Myth

Review of Merchants of Smear, by Russell Cook; Policy Brief, The Heartland Institute, September 2014, 17 pages; $6.95 at The Heartland Institute. In Merchants of Smear, a September 2014 Heartland Institute Policy Brief by investigative journalist Russell Cook, the origin of the idea skeptical scientists have been paid by industry to lie about climate change is finally revealed. Cook demonstrates the strategy to “reposition global warming as...

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